Identifying Krug Grande Cuvée Editions

I stumbled across a few bottles of Krug Grande Cuvée today in an off-the-beaten-track liquor store. As the bottles seem to be from a time when the label did not bear the edition (and the foil covers the cork), I’m hoping this group’s collective knowledge might provide some insight. Here is what I know:

The bottles were received by the store in December, 2007 (and apparently kept since in its temperature-controlled “Reserve” room). The bottles have a
beige label, without ID code, but with a flower-like pattern on the front label, and “KRUG” is written in a curved way on the lower shield of the neck foil.

The front label has “14008508” written (sideways) on the right edge, the rear label has “14008154” written (sideways) also on the right edge, and the bottles are etched at the bottom with “LLLHTU01979”.

Any insight would be most appreciated.

This should give you a bit of help: How to identify the age of a Krug Grande Cuvée | Tomas's wine blog

Where are they? How many of them are there? And how much per? :wink:

You won’t know the disgorgement period until you pull the cork.

Based on when the store received the bottles, they potentially can have a 1996 base. I’ve had/have quite a few of them and they are currently fantastic.

I thought the base vintage is normally about 6 years before the disgorgement date, so wouldn’t a 1996 base be more likely to have the old gold label?

Buy them all. You won’t regret it. As Ray said, they are awesome now and will only get better.

If they have the rose with that label get that also.

Usually 7-8 years. Then a bit of time in Krug’s cellars, then through US distribution channels…

I have some 2005 disgorged Grande Cuvee that has a '96 base which was released in 2007.

Thanks all! I had a hunch that the only info that will help is hiding on the cork under the foil. I’ll guess I’ll have to buy them, just to, you know, satisfy my curiosity.

The store had 3 bottles, at $150/per, which seems like a no-brainer even for a Champagne luddite like myself (especially with storage seemingly no issue). I told the owner I’d pick them up on Monday morning, when I head back through cough, cough