Identify the Tiny Cellar Bug

Went to pull a decanter out last night and noticed that I have a small population of nearly-microscopic white bugs residing on the decanters [help.gif] . They rest inside of OWC that is filled with corks from bottles past. I don’t see the bugs anywhere else, but they are awfully small. Anybody have ideas what these are and if I should be doing more than just rinsing them off of the surfaces I find them on? Sorry for the fidelity of the image. I don’t have a macro lens and can’t zoom further with my (limited) photography skills.

Aphids of some sort based on the size.

They do seem like little tiny aphids, but it is odd to me that they’re located on an island in the room (on top of a free-standing rack in the center) without any signs of them anywhere else that I can find (even on bottles a foot or so away).

Until I see signs of interest in actual things with wine in them or a plague-level of infestation, this remains a curiosity.


Phylloxera neener

Glassy winged sharpshooter.

MyWines Sensors?

Stick 2 of them into a ziplock plastic bag, place the bag and a check for $7,000.00 into an envelope. Mail the envelope to UC Davis, Entomology Department. They will identify the insects and notify you within 730 days. [cheers.gif]

On the other hand, they could be noseeums, those pesky little biters that nearly ate me alive at Oyster Bay, east of Calabash, NC.

You mean sharply winged glass-shooter? [snort.gif]

If I’m not mistaken these are squires.

Cork weavels?


I would guess they are some kind of mite. Needing a microscope to truly identify. They could also be baby spiders.


Clover Mites I bet:

Known to hang out in the triangle.