I want to buy a used iPod

I found out last week from a friend that she has just sold her iPod. This is unfortunate, because I have been thinking about buying one for my wife’s birthday. She also told me that people frequently leave their music on the iPod when they sell it as well.

if you have an iPod that you are willing to sell, please let me know. if it has music on it already, especially if it is classic rock kind of stuff that is preferred.

I want the kind that has the little screen that you can select your music. I do not want one that plays videos.

I also want one that she can download her own music onto from her CD’s. We have a PC, not a Mac, so it has to be compatabel with that.

I’ll be buying her the player that you stick it into and play it at home with, on in the car, so it needs to be compatable with that as well.


You can buy a new one for very small beans. And they are ALL compatible with everything you listed.

Small beans? I see them on sale for $250 dollars. I figure I have to be able to find a better deal than that from someone who wants to get rid of theirs.

I think it’s a good plan, Bob, as you might get the music along with it…

I’d sell you one of ours, but my wife and daughter both seem to keep losing theirs.

These are $149:

http://www.apple.com/ipodnano/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

the $250 ones are the tricked out, video ready ones with massive memory.

If you don’t mind it being pink and filled with Britney, N’Sync, Back Door Boys, etc., you can have mine for a song.

Back Door Boys?!?!? Such a shame: every teenage girl in the world wants them and they are all butt pirates?

Bob, you can get a pretty good deal on a refurbished unit from Overstock.com. I bought my daughter’s iPod nano there last Xmas and she uses it every night - so far (knock on wood) so good. It was the 3rd generation (older and no longer available) which is the same as her older sister’s so it worked out well.

So, how many times a week do they drop by the shop?


I clicked on the link, and that is the entire F@CKING problem I am having with that fucking website. There is no place on the website where it says what the f@ck an ipod nano is, or what it does. I need one of those iPod dealie thingies that can play music. I dont’ give a rat’s ass about new colors. Just tell me what your fucking product does. if Bill’s iPod can have all of the Backside Boys stuff erased, maybe we can discuss that one.

Can all of that stuff be erased?

Here’s IPOD Dummies

http://www.ipod-manual.com/instructions/ipod-for-dummies/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Everything You Need to Know About the iPod Touch" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Bob…Bob, easy on the rage there. I can see your neck veins popping all the wa from NY. Go to http://www.apple.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;, do a little research so you can now what’s what and then base your decision on what you see there. No?

Bob, just kidding.

I have Iron Maiden, Metallica, Stones, Who, Kinks, KISS, Floyd, Cash and a bunch or random stuff on mine. Nothing Pop or boy bandish at all.

Click on where it says, “watch the video”…

I think he said he wants a used iPod. Why link him to Apple’s spendy site? [dontknow.gif]

if I can get a used iPod, and if it has some music for Elaine on it, so much the better.
Jorge, I have been all over that site, and understand iPod even less so after goign there than before. That is actually kind of why I am posting here. I figured if I could make an ipod love connection, it woudl work itself out.

I’d trade an IPod and a couple of bottles of 01 Pride Cab, or other wine as well. Maybe an 01 Merus or something.

What about the shuffle? $79 for the new 4GB, and I’m sure I’ve seen the 2gen 2GB (in colors!) for $50 or less.

iPod Shuffle - Wikipedia" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

1GB $45 at Amazon…

Amazon.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I have this one with 4GB of memory, currently with 1.69 GB and 381 songs preloaded. I am interested in a Pride '01 Cab swap.

Here’s the problem w/ older generation iPods (and excuse my non-techy lingo) - they used to all run off internal hard drives. When the iPod video came out years ago… I was quick to snatch one up. Unfortunately it died 6 days after my 1 year anniversary, which happened to also be the date that my Apple Care expired. If you end up buying a used iPod, see if you can buy Apple Care. I am not the only one that this has happened to. Apple finally smartened up and builds the iPods much like a flash-drive. You’re better off getting a new-ish model (the nano’s are awesome) - it won’t crash like the old models.

I have a first generation iPod touch and have never had an issue with it. You can also buy refurbished iPod’s on Apple’s website…