I think I just detected Vosne Asian Spice for the first time

Im prepping some wines for tonight and I think I got a wiff of Vosne Asian Spice for the first time. Of course I was looking for it and the power of suggestion is strong but I think I get it now. Interesting. I admit to being a bit sceptical about this until now.

I get it all the time - maybe because I am Asian! The first time I smelt a Vosne (blind at that), I thought it had a lot of what we call “wu xiang fen” aka five spice powder.

Berry, what wine did you detect wu xiang fen in?

2001 Champy Beaux Monts

I thought the punch line might be that you found Vosne spice in a Nuits Boudots!

I’ve always thought ‘asian spice’ a very imprecise term, a bit like saying ‘european herbs’. I don’t all that often perceive much of the five-spice powder to which Paul refers, a kind of ‘dirty’ smell(not to disparage it) that is very much led by star anise with fennel underneath. In great Vosne I’m more likely to find vague hints of cardamoms both green and black and black cumin as well as coffee, all deeply suffused in the mix.

Yeah, “Asian spices” is a bad term. Asia is a big continent. With a lot of different spices. “Five-spice” is a better term and a decent approximation of the aroma.

Very precise Tom, and quite spot by my palate as well. I would add some woody spiciness to go with all that. But of course, one man’s cardammon is another man’s clove.

I also get cardamom and cumin which I associate with Indian spice, but I suppose also Northern China, as well.

This exchange is hilarious. [winner.gif] Not sure it was intended to be, but…

of course, one man’s cardammon is another man’s clove.

and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure trove…

FWIW, I’ve never confused the two…though I did find “the key to the universe in the engine of an old parked car” just like Bruce, the poet from NJ, suggested.

Thats because you ar so incredibly awsome.

Just like your spelling ar?

My spelling is rather bad by adult standards, Im surprised you havn’t noticed.

My wife just had a real hoot reading this thread. I have risen higher (or is it dropper lower) in her estimation of my geekdom.

She suggested that I bring little packets of Asian spice, haw flakes, turtle shell jelly, pu-er tea, Angelica root and whatever else we normally find in wine aromas to you guys so we can sort this out once and for all.

When I see “wu xiang fen” in a tasting note I’ll know the Asian conquest of fine wine is complete.