I need help!

I am getting extremely frustrated and can’t get the “new” WB to work properly on my Iphone.
Right now i am using my laptop
Most times when I try to post via Reply or Create Topic I cannot (1) see the text that i am typing and/or (2) do not have the Create/Reply button showing. I try switching from desktop view to/from mobile view but that doesn’t help or I can’t even access the button!!!


You have to click that bubble button to quote the text.

Replying from iPhone

Looks like this.

I’m in Mobile view. It’s possible to work in Desktop, but a lot more squirrelly.

I can’t even see what I’m typing or see the reply buttons half the time !!

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click the three lines at the top - you are likely in desktop view while on mobile

When you click the three lines, what does it show? desktop view or mobile view?

What you show in your screenshots above is desktop view, but in mobile - that’s the issue

Not sure what to tell you. But you definitely need to be working in Mobile view on a small phone. I use Desktop on my iPad, and it works pretty well. But not phone.

I have switched back and forth over time . I’m back in mobile view . I did reup $$$ today-thought maybe it was the ads . Will see how it goes

Thanks all.

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I can no longer see what I am typing !!

Other than limiting my words,
any suggestions???

While typing, if you accidentally hit the little down arrow at upper right, the compose screen will disappear. That’s one possibility.

When that happens, you have to tap the dark bar at the bottom to bring the composition screen back up.

Thx but that’s not it

OK, just checking. It works for me in Mobile, so not sure what’s going wrong for you.

you’ll have to give us screenshots to help

I sent 3 of them above ?

the above ones are in ‘desktop’ view - try mobile view, as I said

When you click the three lines, on your phone, upper right, it should say ‘desktop view’ not ‘mobile view’ - that means you have it on the opposite of what is shown, ergo, if it says ‘desktop view’ you have it in mobile, the correct one

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Ok so when I hold the phone vertically, I lose the view/words once once it extends to the right . I have to turn the phone sideways but it is too hard for me to type that way. Any solution ?

Bruce, one step at a time, please.

Please post a screenshot of your phone when you click the three lines at the top, that’s it for now.

Thanks for the explanation. Not sure if it will help enough .

Screen cut off ?

Bruce, what phone do you have?