I need help - Ojai vineyards


Can u help me please. i need some informations about this wine : Oaij Grenache 2014.

I have never heard of this producer, here in France, but my wine merchant advised me this cuvée, John Sebastiano Grenache 2014. can you tell me more ? The price, here, is about 39€ (44$ more or less). Do you think the price is right or too high ?

Thx by advance :wink:

The community average in cellartracke is $34 so $44 in Europe doesn’t seem to bad…


Ok, thanks :wink:

And what about the wine himself ? :wink:
How is this Grenache ?
Are we close to the Chateauneuf du Pape Grenache ? :wink:


Winery site has information about this specific wine


I can vouch for the quality of the producer and trust any wine he makes will be very good or better. He primarily makes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah, but when he branches out, it’s done with the same integrity he employs for all wines. This Grenache comes from a good vineyard source. It will not be like a Southern Rhone so beware. Try 1 bottle and decide if the still meets your style preference AND report back to us here.

Thanks for the answers. So I’m going to buy 1 bottle to test it and I will give you a return here … well, I will try, given my level in English pretty shabby :slight_smile:

Your English is better than most of us using French. Hope you love the wine regardless of anything else.

A votre santé

I love southern Rhone Grenache and Santa Barbara County Grenache, but I wouldn’t say the two are close. I would expect less mineral and earth on the Ojai and potentially more ripe fruit. Ojai generally produces nice wines.

In general I’d agree with that statement. Although, I’ve had some incredibly ripe grenache from the rhone as well.

Nice, structured and extremely age worthy grenache I like is from our own Tercero. I had a 2008 Watch Hill a few years back and it could have passed for a Rayas Pignan. Obviously, they’re all not that way but still.


You should purchase this wine with confidence - Adam is one of the best winemakers in CA and continues to over-deliver for the $$$$ in my honest opinion.

This specific grenache comes from a cooler climate site on the eastern edge of the Sta Rita Hills. It is not your typical CA Grenache but instead will have more acidity and a little less ‘body and richness’ compared to most others produced here.

Please do post your notes on the wine after you’ve had a chance to try it - I’ll be curious for your thoughts.


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