I need a new wok.

The one I have is cheap and too small. Any suggestions? I have a GE Monogram gas stove, so I don’t have a bizillon BTU burner.

Look for something with thick steel and a flat bottom. I like my Joyce Chen model.

Do you prefer a southern style (loop handles) or northern style (long single handle) wok? Do you have a ring insert for your stove, or are you using directly on the burner? A round bottom wok is best, but doesn’t work very well unless you have a ring. On the other hand, you don’t want too much flat surface area as that takes away from what makes a wok special.

Here is a good article:

Just grab any of the well reviewed carbon steel woks on Amazon. I grabbed a chinese hand hammered one for $40 and it is awesome.

I use a round bottom one without a ring since my grates are large enough the wok is able to sit down in it a bit. You need about 4-5 inches of void in the center of the burner to get enough to settle in.

Thanks for the input everyone. My stove top doesn’t have clearance for a round bottom so I will check out those with as small of a flat bottom as possible.