I need a couple bottles of Champagne.

I am not really a Champagne guy. I cannot say I do not like it, because I have only had it a few times and I have no idea if what I had was good stuff or junk. But we are having a family dinner / celebration and there will be a nice toast and I want to make this a nice occasion for the family.

What I want is something in the $50-$75 range. I know, control your gasps and tell me I should buy 2004 Dom at a minimum. But then come back to reality, realize that no one at the table is a Champagne drinker and all I really want is something equivalent to a good everyday red, which is what I normally drink. This does not have to be a life changing wine, just something solid that will do the job for the toast and give someone a second glass if they like it.

Next requirement, I don’t want the wine that you once scored a deal on at this far away outfit for $74.99 on a the 3rd Tuesday of the month because the place had a special sale. It needs to be readily available at Total Wine, or ABC, or B-21 or some other local store in Orlando.

And lastly, it does not have to be Champagne, sparkling wine will be just fine.

What should I buy?

COSTCO carries the ‘basic’ Roederer Brut Premier for 39 bucks a bottle and I think it’s lovely, with a favorably yeasty nose and great acidity.

It ‘tastes’ above its weight!

COSTCO also has Moet Imperial for a few bucks less and it is well structured.

COSTCO also has good, old fashioned Cliquot Orange label.

All would perfectly awesome for a toast with any kind of cuisine.

You can even get Bollingers, I think, “Special Cuvee” in your price range.
For the occasion, I would go with the Roederer.

Best wishes on your celebration!







Im not a huge Champagne connoseur but do like all of these.

If you’d like a rosé, this is very nice: www.b-21.com


This is great, but looks like it’s a pre-order: www.b-21.com

You can get some great champagnes on your budget.


If you do not like Champagne…then I would avoid Champagne. Why spend money you don’t need to on something that you’ll be “meh” about. I’d suggest Argyle Sparkling wines from Oregon. It’s going to meet your need for bubbles without breaking the bank…and is still a solid value.

If you are the type of wine drinker that is always trying new wines, new regions, new producers…I would suggest that you splurge and buy 1 bottle of each: Taittinger Comtes, Dom P, & Vilmart Coeur de Cuvée from the 2008 vintage. These are wines that will last 20+ years and if you’re regularly trying new wines…I would expect that sometime in the next decade you’ll eventually decide you like Champagne. By then, the wines will be long gone and twice the price…you’ll be glad you have them in the cellar. I did this based on a friend’s recommendation back in 2006 with the 1996 vintage accept I didn’t buy Vilmart, I bought Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill. Good luck!!



b21 Agrapart, agree…they love it and usually have several options…

Chartogne St. Anne, and it’s below your price point.

Great suggestions here already. I’d lean towards the Roederer Brut or Agrapart. You might also see if you can find Pierre Peters NV Blanc de Blanc in your area - should be towards the bottom end of your price range and delivers some (not all) of the characteristics of much more expensive wines.

Billicart Salmon Rose’ is generally a crowd pleaser even with non enophiles and can usually be found for sub $75.

Hard to beat for the price:

always a great choice, even better w a few years of age on it.

The 2002 Delamotte Blanc de Blancs should be around $75/bottle, and is quite nice. Their NV Blanc de blancs is also a pretty bubbly, and should be available at around half that price.

If you really aren’t going to be around bubbles drinkers, and you don’t have much experience yourself, I’d highly suggest staying away from the expensive stuff. Some have even recommended going non champagne for cost savings. I’ll tell you what, roederer estate is probably the best bang for the buck bubbles on the market, in my opinion. It can be had for around $18-$25. If you are looking to impress guests by just having a “fancy” well known label, you can get by with Moet or Vueve Cliqout for around $40-50. It you don’t care about a well known label, Agrapart is quite amazing for the price of around $40. When you are ready to step your champagne game up a few notches, by pass Dom P and go straight for Krug.

I’ll second the Roederer Estate, but I recommend stepping up to the L’Ermitage at around $45. Mumm Napa Prestige at $20 is always decent too.

I was going to recommend Pierre Peters or Roederer. Though I seem to recall reading on this board that the current release of Roederer is below the usual standards because it has some lesser vintages making up the majority of the blend.

I agree with the crowd and came here to say Agrapart. Love it and good value for money.

Also, Pierre Peters cuvee de Reserve, runs approx. $50 and is consistently excellent. I also like the Ployez Jacquemart line. For a pinot-driven crowd pleaser Billiot NV is also good, if you prefer something with a more red-fruit profile and a bit richer.


Agrapart! You have some very good options in many of these suggestions too.