I Love Vinolok Glass Stoppers! They Fit Alsacian Bottles!


I opened up a bottle of René Muré 2007 Riesling Selection de Grains Nobles and was going to store the leftovers in a Vinolok bottle after having a glass but I tried on a lark to see if the Vinolok glass stopper would fit on the Alsacian flute bottle itself… and it fit perfectly!!!
So I decided to try a couple of different ones. The first one with the thinner liner ring seems to be standard on German Riesling bottles. The one with the thicker liner ring seems universal to the French Rosé bottles I’ve gathered over the summer.
I thought you needed a specially designed bottle for Vinolok glass stoppers to work with. Apparently not. I’m going to have to try this on other wine bottle types. This is amazing. I’m not sure if wine bottle openings have any kind of standard but here’s hoping. Now doesn’t that look a hell of a lot better than a stupid cork sticking up halfway through the bottle opening? Fits inside the fridge much easier and it looks so much sleeker and sexier. flirtysmile

Was are these “leftovers” that you are referring to?

I do love the Vinolok finish