I like the new forum

It has taken a while to get used to it, but I rather like the new forum. I go in and select New and see a list of topics with new content, starting with new topics and then topics I’ve read before but now have new contributions. Easy. And once I read a topic, it disappears from the list. All in all, good job folks.


Thanks, Bob - it does take a full day or two to get used to - or more - but it’s definitely more well laid out, feature-rich, and hopefully soon everyone who doesn’t like it will ‘get used to it’ enough to keep rolling like before. I’m finding quite a few vocal minority naysayers are back to posting as much or more than before :blush:

I’m in the same boat, Bob. It took me awhile to get used to the new look and layout, but by now it seems to be normal. I can’t recall the exact layout of the old site anymore!

I’m sure I still have more to learn but I’m into a new routine now when I open the site. I do miss the old post counts and signature lines though.

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Yeah, it was nice seeing the ITB folks what the business was. But Im sure it’s there somewhere.

if they updated it. Just click their avatar and it’ll pop up a window with info

There is another thread about this, but basically anyone ITB needs to go to their preferences and join the group, then the flair shows right over their avatar