I like old wine and I cannot lie (1979 Beychevelle)

This wine lost whatever blush of youth it may have had many, many years ago, and I think I may possibly have heard it creak just a little as it was poured into the decanter. It is showing its wrinkles.

But it was lovely nonetheless. Graceful and composed. More fascinating than delicious, but plenty of the latter too. Was it better 10 years ago? Or 15? Maybe, but so was I.

Anyway, if you have some, I’d say drink them in the next year or so. And enjoy them.

I have the 75 and I think a 66 left too.

Glenn, I had the '66 for boxing day a year or two ago. Slow ox’d, it was much like Neil’s '79. Wouldn’t win any competitions apart from ‘most graceful mature lady’, but a lovely dinner wine none the less.

I have had the 66 many times during my life, guessing this will be the last.

Ha! The s/w replaced the world “bl*sh” with the emoticon

Had a well kept bottle of the 75 within the past year and it was remarkably good, and not near any danger of going over the hill.

1979 is not a great vintage, but a whole bunch of the wines from the vintage can be really good.


Popped an 82 Poujeaux and an 89 Meyney last night, and concur! Love the simple elegance of a fully mature, basic Cru. The Poujeaux was slightly but perceptibly corked, Meyney was excellent.

I had the 66 earlier in the week with a bunch of other 66s. It was pretty good. I wouldn’t hold 'em any longer though.

But did “you get sprung, want to pull up rough”
I always wondered what that lyric meant.
I’m envisioning Neal now, Beychevelle in hand, dancing to some Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Just yesterday I attended a tasting of 20 St.Juliens 2005 to 1961 … 10 of 11 classified growth …

Beychevelle 1986 and 1982 were both among the best (= most loved) 4 or 5 wines, and that includes ´61 Ducru …

I had this (the 79 Beychevelle) in 2014 and it showed rather youthful. Old bottles… It was very good at the time.

Keep this thread out of Alan’s sight.

Speaking of old, that Sir Mix-a-Lot song itself is from 1992. (not that it could be considered “vintage”)

i have a 1970 in the cellar I plan on opening soon. I love these older Bordeaux as well. Beychevelle was also the very first Bordeaux I ever had (the 1994) and it made me fall in love with Bordeaux, in fact.

Pretty classic early poppy hip-hop.

Knowing the era and Neal’s musical proclivities , I would have more expected him to say the wine “gave him something to talk about”.

82 Beychevelle is a classice sleeper wine to me. I wonder how much the 79 or 82 cost at release?

I think I paid $15-ish for '82 Beychevelle. Less than $20, because Leoville Las Cases and Ducru cost $20 and they were more expensive.