I have become the Wine Nazi!

So Yesterday I poured what was probably my 5,000th tasting. This was a Charity tasting to help a local group aiding the elderly and poor. We handed out booklet listing each and every wine being poured, and the tables. Each table had the actual bottles set up on the table and in the order they were being poured. There were signs on the tables Identifying table and the person pouring. Yet, 90% of these fucking people approached and asked what do you have. NO, just NO, fuck you! If you are to lazy or stupid to have to ask this question then no wine for you! Come back when you get a clue. NEXT!! Also when you walk up and say just give me a red or something sweet fine I will pour it for you but if you had no interest in what you are drinking do not expect me to engage or then answer the question hey what is this. NO OK I feel mildly better end of rant!

So what were you pouring?

Like people who walk into my shop, and ask what is good.

Probably the most common question I get when pouring at consumer tastings is “anything good today?”. I’ve taken to saying, “no, all crap today.” I say it with a smile, and they always chuckle, probably not realizing that I have drawn attention to how silly their question was.

I know at times, I have trouble (I need reading glasses) reading the signs , bottles, etc because the type is too small or people are blocking my view. Asking to try a red Vs something more specific does not necessarily translate to lack of interest, sometimes is simply more efficient. I think you should consider giving the taster the benefit of doubt.

A charity tasting… so people are probably there to have fun… and most people aren’t there to study a booklet?



Yikes! I could see myself saying “I think this one is drinking particularly well today. Tell me what you think?”

I think all of these people are just trying to politely start a conversation rather than just say “pour me the pinot.” Seems pretty harmless to me.


If you find this bothersome, DO NOT get in the golf business!

I went to his shop a couple of times. Now you know why I’ve never been back.

You’re definitely not the only one to do so.


Nice charity shown ?


Thank you for the laugh out loud moment as I’m wrapping up at work. I can remember hearing you say that once and thinking, that’s the perfect response.

Yet, 90% of these f*ck people approached and asked what do you have.

Even though this is an old post my favorite is when people ask if you have any whites at a Pinot Noir tasting.

We booked Larry for a charity tasting and two weeks before the event he canceled. We had to scramble to find someone else to help us out. We ended up selling plenty of wine for the guy who stood in for Larry but I never spent a dime with him after that.

15 years of selling retail + doing tastings and I could just barely control myself when asked: “Is this any good?”. No!!! We got a good deal in this slop and don’t give a ^# if it’s good or not.


ive had a couple really nice BnN still pinots lately! a creative way to save some of the grapes that might otherwise have had some smoke damage for 2020 Oregon

Larry! I saw your movie!