I hate myself every morning. Wine buying hiatus time--AGAIN

With the 6 bottles of Two Hands Charlies that Dan might sell me, I bring all wine buying to a close until March 1st, 2010. Yes, the deals are great, and timing is not perfect, but enough is enough.

Wish me luck.

More drinking, less buying.

To who? Amex? pileon

wont you miss 07 maybach?



Thats why the March cutoff. I’m no fool.

Heck, I haven’t been buying wine (with the rare exception of our yearly buys) for over a year. I has been tough to see all of these great deals on wine occur after the wine market crashed and not be able to take advantage of them. It was either buy wine or build the addition on our house, and I could only choose one. To make up a bit for it, I have finally decided to trade a bunch of wine that I have like Harlan, Merus, etc. that that I am not all that attached to so that I can get some of those wines that I had to pass up.

You will fail Pobega…and you already know it! [stirthepothal.gif]

Yes…we all know that…but how soon is the real question.

I went on a hiatus from Janurary to October. It sucked at first (especially when I saw Premier Cru emails) but I got used to it after a while.

It’s the votes of confidence that will propel me forward to the next few months, and success.

Thanks, Max!
Unless, I turn into a Bordeaux drinker again (Highly unlikely), you might really never know.

I’d love to be able to join you… but I am too weak… (and don’t have a big enough inventory to stop buying for so long)

Just testing there. The force seems to be strong with you…for now [basic-smile.gif]


Goodluck. Why just this morning, I started down the same road. neener

Wait till 2007 Charlie’s Patch is offered!

Or more '04 Petrvs.

Nice. I like to see someone who pays attention to detail. [basic-smile.gif]

Is that the Two-Buck Chuck’s $3 vineyard?

I’m all about the details.

Well, the timing for a buying hiatus is truly “awful”. The rumours of epic blow-outs keep floating around with plenty of tasty nibbles now. A couple of weeks ago I might’ve posted something snarky, but this AM…only commiseration. 2009 is the next “Vintage du siècle”, 2008 Oregon is great, the cellar floor is a mess, my racks are full, and the 90 bottle slots en route are largely spoken for. Good luck with the buying control!


How much have I saved in one week by NOT buying things I would have normally not given a second thought to?

3 2001 Mondavi Mags
3 2006 Versant CS