I hate it when that happens. I got the mailing list blues.

My inbox gets nailed today.
Wilde Farm
Roy Piper

I hate when I have to choose one or, if I’m lucky, two when I want all of them. Timing is everything, is 't it?

Based on the Berserker income thread most of you don’t understand my plight though.


I’ve got three coming next Tuesday. Not as bad as yours, but going to be an expensive day.

Free yourself and just say NO!!


I too have the blues, no offers last week, this week and possibly next week. :frowning:

I am on hiatus. I am telling everyone that they will just have to store the wine for two years and then offer it to me again. So far, that has not worked, but I have promises of not being kicked of of a few lists.


Feel ya bro. Same boat. Drink more beer.

Go French, no mailing lists!!!

I feel your pain, just had to notify AMEX that the latest charge is in fact valid for Roy Piper. I think they are trying to tell me something about my wine consumption habits…

I want to be off all mailing lists, but where would I get these rare birds like Piper?

I’m in the same boat, but also finding the need for mailing lists not as important as they once were.

I’m there and it’s a bit rough given that Myriad Syrahs are staring me down. I was wavering, but the other day I noticed the charge for a few automatic club shipments (much of it Syrah) had struck pretty deep. Shutting it down until I visit SB/Paso later this spring.

I feel you, especially ones that have good people and I want to support. Even more difficult is the fact I can’t find some of them in retail shops.

I need to reduce purchases because I am out of space, fall vacation planning, and two bathroom renovations planned for the fall. I had to skip Myriad and Bedrock which kills me. I love the Myriad syrahs (and everything else) and really wanted the Bedrock Syrah and rose. There will be more next year though. I am hoping nothing else comes out for at least a month.

Want vs. Need>>Available $$=clouded thinking! I think I need a glass of wine to help me sort this out.


I am fortunate enough to have all my “needs” covered. So, I get to have fun with my “wants.”

I received only two of the solicitations that Brian listed. I turned around the Myriad as quickly as I could. Interestingly, enough, I also experienced a hiccough with my Amex card. So, that slowed me down for a few minutes. I held out for 6 or 7 hours before I pushed the button for Bedrock.

Like many of the above commenters storage space and budget (for multiple “wants”) are of concern for me. I can only drink so fast. Starting last year I try to annually drink more than I buy. As a result, I have dropped off a couple lists, and I can’t remember the last time I ordered my full allocation off any list.

Isn’t this idea of ‘lists’ simply the challenge of ‘choice’? I don’t see it mattering whether the wine is made in France, sold by an importer or made by a CA winery, offered in a mailing allocation. Every person here has choices to make, based on their drinking versus buying ratio. I had a good talk this past weekend during Falltacular with another Berskerker about this same dilemma, of drinking vs buying ratio. He too is upside down and the ratio is heavily tipped in the wrong direction, so he has to make some choices. Slow back? But then who gets reduced or cut? For some of us, these buying relationships go back very far, they have friendships and relationships with the wineries attached…it’s hard.

I’ve made similar choices but I’ve cut down to a 1/2 dozen wineries and that’s it. Russ is right, there is a feeling of relief and freedom when you don’t feel like you have to buy, but the choices for some can be difficult.

Frank, for me it is all about want to and not have to regarding purchases. Recent developments prevent me from spending very much at all on wine and all I can do is cry woe is me to my fellow geeks. I’ve had to pass on some of my favorites and that’s no bueno in my book.

As for Falltacular 2017 you can sign me up right now!

I cut a few that I didn’t want to. I cut back on a couple others. The space or lack there of has become an issue along with massive blow out buying years the last couple. I am also getting better at cherry picking and not buying the whole or most of the release. That is my strategy going forward. Fewer, but better.