I could have Gonon but the bottle finished too quickly

750mls is not nearly enough.

  • 2014 Pierre Gonon St. Joseph - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, St. Joseph (6/5/2016)
    Great nose of rose petals, sap, lineament, white pepper and plum. It is punchy in the mouth with crunchy red fruits and a myriad of florals and stalks. There’s good depth of flavour and impeccable balance. The finish is very savoury.

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Thanks for the note Jeremy. Seems that the jury’s still out on how good the 2014 N. Rhone vintage is, or isn’t as the case may be. I’ve had pleasant wines so far, likely better than 2013, but limited tasting. In any case, Gonon tends to be a safe bet in any vintage.

I don’t follow Northern Rhone vintages much Michael, is '14 supposed to be good? This wine was perfectly ripe to my tastes with a cool personality but I guess I could say that about most of Gonon’s efforts.

I’ve been quite thrilled with 2013 Northern Rhones and had not heard that 2014 was on par or better. I had heard the opposite but cannot recall from what source. I still bought a case of the Gonon, though, as I enjoy what they do with vintage variations. It’s not so expensive to make buying annually, hard.

I think 2014, in general, was a more difficult vintage than 2013. But good producers always seem to create something of interest and value, even in difficult vintages. Gonon definitely falls into that category, in my experience.

Coincidentally had a 2013 Pierre Gaillard St-Joseph last night that was smoking. Mid-weight at most, lacy, spice and all things nice. Burg drinkers Shiraz.