I Can'tHelp Myself--This Is For Your Frenchie......French TNs!

Ok French Bread, soak this in you big turkey. Here are my french TNs–yes, I did it and the photos and TNs below prove it. Damn Jim Mack and Wells Guthrie. I may not be able to stop the momentum palate shift now, damn it. hitsfan

Here is the link to the photo proof:

http://a05-b05.mypicturetown.com/P2PwebCmdController/pictureBank/share.html?cid=enBESEMTRC&x=q80thxY_%25yqeLKhmk%2Akrmmb%25u4tfbMtiloFAM3NWMB-edOC6PneY9Q%25F2P9%26qtlG-%26zYJsdaNEs%2AFpW%2AiY0wOYj0-.ZzaVmn9NJ%25CtL.H8ba8uL" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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OMG! First… that other thing, and now this! I’m not sure which is bigger news!

Welcome to the dark side, Frank!

Every frigging time I go up there, I end up like this. [swearing.gif] [truce.gif] Poppy, you’re killing me.

Holy hell on a popsicle stick! I can’t believe this is happening!

Frankie! You had '96 Chave Hermitage!! Do you realize how many epic miles of win above any other syrah you’ve ever had that is???

Oh yeah, and the next time you drink Chave, you better have my ass over there PRONTO!

Wow! I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever posted in a Frank thread before, mostly cause I virtually never drink the wines he drinks - but hell, Chave & Trapet?!

If Mike Dildine suddenly starts posting notes on Barolo, I’ll know we’re on to something here [wink.gif] .

Meh…Frank is still squarely on my team…that note on Chave sounds like something Id write about half decent sangria. [wink.gif]

As someone who goes both ways (vinously), I support Frank’s experimentation of alternative…uh…forget it. Jealous about the Chave.

Thank you for saying this… Frankie is my dear friend, and I have read enough of his notes to know when he is gushing and when he is, well, gasping… What do his notes on these wines tell me? He drank them. But did he really like them and is he going to put even 1 French wine that he has bought in his cellar? Methinks not.

That’s ok… Frankie’s passion is those full-throttle CA wines, and god love him for it!!

Not so fast Poppy. I saw Frank just last weekend. His palate (and more importantly his brain synapses) were functional. You Frankophiles needn’t “wait-up” for Frank. [wink.gif]

A shift may be afoot, Dietz. [wink.gif] More to come. [whistle.gif]

Okay, just when I get the full-throttle CA thing down and my budget in check, you go and do this to me. You better let my budget catch up to your new palate, you hear me, Murray!!! [swearing.gif]

Hey, now that’s a gauntlet thrown down to Dildine. [berserker.gif]

Bob - the sun still rises in the East? neener

Now FMIII? [scratch.gif]

Wine is subjective and all encompassing. No one likes just one type in the many that this world offers us. Go for it, FM v3!

Everyone breathe deeply. Jim Mack and Wells Guthrie have not yet broke me but I am getting close to the edge. Maybe I will do a wine bong of Grand Cru Chambertin Clos de Beze if Dildine will do it. [rofl.gif] [stirthepothal.gif]

It’s not even 2012!!!

OUI OUI Frankie!!! Is this a sign of good age? neener


Surely hell hath indeed frozen over—twice. I thought the definition of “Impossible” was FMIII drinking french wine. Is nothing sacred? [dance-clap.gif]

BTW, great reply Jim–love it!

Having been part of Frankie’s French Connection along with Wells Guthrie I can testify that Frank handled the tasting of these foreign wines quite admirably. With the first couple of bottles he did appear quite shaky and a bit weak in the knees. Not sure if this was because he admired these wines so much or the lack of alcohol in the wines.

By the times he got to the Chave and Trapet he was strong enough to take notes although after reading them it appears there was still some confusion and fatigue.

While I am pretty sure Frank will not abandon his first love, my guess is he will continue to delve into his French “mistresses” on the side. Just be careful of the texting Frankie.