I bought a bunch of Older Calif Cabs on WineCommune. Anyone With Any Experience?

I bought some of the following on WineCommune this past Sunday night. Maybe I paid up a little, who knows. Seemed like some interesting bottlings, I thought I’d use 'em all (or half of 'em all) at a tasting in the fall. Anyone have any experience with any of these? Some notes on CT, but some w/o any notes…

1972 Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon Cask A-11 Limited
1967 Buena Vista Haraszthy Collection Lachryma Montis Proprietary Blend
1965 Charles Krug Winery (Peter Mondavi Family) Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage Selection
1968 Charles Krug Winery (Peter Mondavi Family) Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage Selection
1969 Charles Krug Winery (Peter Mondavi Family) Cabernet Sauvignon
1974 Charles Krug Winery (Peter Mondavi Family) Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage Selection
1968 Heitz Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon
1970 Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon California Mountain

The only ones I have had on that list were the 68 and 74 Charles Krug. Both are drinking really well and holding up nicely. I preferred the 74 but the 68 was not far behind. Decanted for sediment and then right back into the bottle for both.

I have heard mixed experiences on both of these and at this age I would have to assume that it all depends on storage.

I have had good luck buying older wine on wine commune, Hope you have as much luck,

I actually had a bottle of 1968 Heitz cab. It was a bottle from my father’s cellar. He stored his wine in a passive cellar - a small room in the basement which I have since renovated. Though I don’t have any specific notes, the wine was surprisingly good. At the time I picked up a bottle of 1999 Heitz cab which inspired me to open 2 of his Heitz for comparison - the 1968 and a 1983. The 68 was easily the best followed by the 83. The 99 was relatively disappointing. Overall it was a very interesting evening of wine.

The 74 Charles Krug can be a wonderful wine if not damaged, I had one great one and 2 off bottles.

The 70 Louis Martini I had about 9 months ago was killer and young. It needed an hour plus decant.

I use to buy older consign wines from WC but stopped because most were no good. I still buy from private sellers that I do know.

Good luck with yours.


I usually don’t buy ‘older’ wine, unless I really trust the source. But this was, basically, an assorted case with an average bottle cost of around $65, so I figured what the hell. And it could make for an interesting tasting in the Fall…

I’ve had a ‘71 Inglenook Cask 38, so perhaps it is similar, and it was kickin’

Old Louis Martini (68 and 70) can be great Cabs.

I was fully expecting to open this and find wines from the late 80’s or even mid 90’s. Thanks for correctly using the word “older”…

Yep, '80s and '90s don’t count as ‘older’ Calif cabs. The count as “Cabs I’m pulling out of my cellar to drink, tonight!!!”. Still working through a few cases of '91 Montelena that I bought in '93 or '94. Wow, does it go good with Flannery ribeyes…

Gorgeous, beautiful stuff.

At this point, Peter, it all depends on storage, as usual. CA Cabs back then were built for ageing a la Bordeaux, and I infinitely prefer them to modern CA Cabs. Just this past weekend, we had a mag of 1979 Mondavi Reserve that was just stunning.

It was superb. Jay kindly rushed to open it so that we could taste it before we departed.

Welcome to the Board Zach! Good seeing you and the family this past weekend. Wasn’t that Mondavi gorgeous?