Hypothetical TCA

I was just moving a bunch of wine from offsite to my new cellar at home and was wondering - hypothetically if there is tca in something from offsite and I bring it in, how would you get rid of it? Can you?


What do you mean dude? Its not an infection that affects cellars. I have smelled it in shipping materials but that is an issue for the winery.

Yeah man, TCA is not a tangible thing like blueberries or p ain g rille…it’s a state of mind, man.

Reading material: Cork taint - Wikipedia" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

all my wines are in wooden crates from wineries…that’s what I meant - say one has tca and gets in my cellar - what happens

If one bottle has TCA nothig happens of course. If a crate has TCA, nothing happens either unless you let the decanter in the cellar :wink:

TCA doesn’t jump from bottle to bottle… if a winery is infected it will spoil the wine during (or before) bottling.

maybe it was simple mold? I don’t know, but one of the boxes i had smelled. I threw it away and didn’t use it, but that’s what got me wondering. Maybe I’m misusing the TCA moniker???

Could simply be wet cardboard, literally.

Nothing. It has to be in the wine(or bottle) to begin with or in the cork for it to effect the wine. Its only an annoyance for you but if it were in a winery there could be danger of it getting into the equipment.

Cool - thanks everyone. So basically all I would have is a smell that will do no harm?

Yes but one that will haunt you for the rest of your days. Every time a wine opened in your presence is corked, people will give you side glances because they will know. After a while you will be persona non grata. In the end people won’t even dare answer your calls by fear that you could somehow taint the wines from a distance. You will be very, VERY lonely.


Well, yeah. That. But other than that, nothing much.

Nothing new, I’m used to all that!

Ummm, not anymore my friend. Didn’t you read!!! Your kind is back in vogue!!! [gen_fro.gif]

Aren’t we one over the quota for FFII?


Apropos of something-or-other, I had the strangest TCA experience the other day. My kids picked out a bag of freeze dried bananas at Trader Joe’s. I tasted one out of morbid curiosity, and it left behind the strongest TCA flavor I’ve ever experienced. Absolutely heinous.

Has anyone ever tasted TCA in any sort of processed food? Could it even happen?

my wife has been describing you that way for some time

Our tap water at Fresno State tasted like TCA from time to time.


Har har har! (actually, I did just laugh a little)

laugh it up Kyle…some of your bottles are in there! [wow.gif]