Huneeus Buys Two Orin Swift Labels

Anyone else see this?!?!?!? Sounds interesting - wonder what the $$$ was?!?!??

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have had The Prisoner in a few vintages. dreadful is a word.

I’ll repeat this here:

FWIW, I don’t like these wines very much. I find them a little too sweet and overdone for my tastes . . . but man are they popular. If he is smart he won’t change a thing. They sell out very quickly and people just seem to love them. That kind of product seems like a no brainer investment!

I think these wines are great QPR. I am curious as to the dollars as well.

The Prisoner has been out of circulation in NJ for quite a while. I wonder if this will change this.

FWIW, Prisoner is my number one BTB and my staff considers it thier safety wine when a guest is not sure where to go. I think it hits a great price point and I am guessing this investment will allow it to staty in that range. I’m guessing we will see a little more production.

Really? Who sold it before?

It went through a change of distributors here over the summer and is with a small broker now. I’m surprised at the Saldo, it’s not a very big production.

Not likely- it was a break in the ever so lovely and dated NJ franchising laws. There were 2 wholesalers, and they were at war with each other. It’s 2+ years away before we see these again.

This seems to be a new plan from Huneeus. Phiney say this is more like a merger or partnership than a buy out. The se were the same words used buy the Flowers people when they partnered with Huneeus. He seems to be buying or partnering with small family owed operations and using the qunintessa marketing machine to move produce. Only time will tell how this works out for him and the wines i am sure that the seller have made out just fine. I am interested to see how this plan plays out?