Hundred Suns Wine **newbie** - offer closed

DELICIOUS & SOULFUL Oregon Pinot Noir, Gamay and Chardonnay.

A lot of hard work and a little bit of luck has brought us here for our first Berserker day! We are a classic husband & wife duo: we make the wines, pack the boxes, wash the barrels and tend a couple grapes as well. I (Grant) originally cut my teeth here in the valley as the winemaker at Beaux Freres and later at Flaneur Wines. At Hundred Suns, RenΓ©e and I don’t have a boss to answer to, only ourselves (unless you count two kids and a dog), so we are free to experiment & push our limits to create wines of depth, complexity, and a whole lot of soul.

We source fruit from like-minded growers who value quality, sustainable farming and in particular we love to hunt down the remaining old, own-rooted vines left here in the valley, like the Bednarik Vineyard. Once in the cellar, we don’t discriminate with vinification but make decisions based on site and vintage. Whole cluster? Yes! Destemmed? Sure! Partial whole cluster or even sealed tanks? Let’s go! In order to let the vineyards and vintage have the loudest voice, all our wines are fermented with indigenous yeast, native malolactic bacteria, and without the use of unnatural additives.

2012, 2013, & 2014 Beaux Freres Vineyard Pinot Noir
I spent the better part of 10 years with Mike Etzel at Beaux Freres, working my way up from Assistant to Winemaker. For our first Berzerker Day, we’re pulling three special library Beaux Freres. Your name will be entered once for every offer you purchase. The winner will be drawn at 3:30 pm PST today, so get your orders in asap.

Since it is our first Berzerker Day, we’re streamlining the pricing to include FREE SHIPPING. Orders will be Ground shipped in April, or as soon as it is warm enough to ship to your zone.
Sadly we cannot ship to: AL, AK, AR, HI, MI, and UT , but if you are from one of these states email us to see if we can troubleshoot it together.
(The total value price reflects bottle prices and normal shipping costs.)

At any point if you have questions about your order, please feel free to give a jingle or send an email.
Grant: (503)537-8819 Renee (503)435-8846

A perfect introduction to our wines
3 bottles shipped FREE: BD $95 (total value $125)

3 bottles shipped FREE: BD $115 (total value$155)

OFFER 3: β€œOld Eight Cut” Pinot/Chardonnay 4-PACK
4 bottles shipped FREE: BD $125 (total value $170)
Old Eight Cut is our Willamette Valley blend, designed every year to totally over-deliver on the price point.

4 bottles shipped FREE: BD $189 (value $235)

6 bottles shipped FREE: BD $260(value $325)
This offer is a snapshot of the Willamette Valley’s diversity with wines from the Ribbon Ridge, Dundee Hills, Eola-Amity, Tualatin Hills. Pinot and Gamay are the stars of this show.

OFFER 6: OWN-ROOTED LIBRARY VERTICAL 3-PACK - π’πŽπ‹πƒ πŽπ”π“πŸŒˆβ„’
(LIMITED!!! Only 12 available)
3 bottles shipped FREE: BD $170 (total value $230)

6 bottles shipped FREE: BD $175 (total value $240)


YESSSSSSSS! Hundred Suns in the building!!! :heart_eyes:

Hey Buddy!!! Locked and loaded!

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Welcome Grant! Let me know if you have any questions (beyond the formatting ones : ) I’m sure this is draft, but be sure to tell your story a bit. There is nothing wrong with making it easy for folks and including wine dets. at the bottom of the post with scores, etc. Others will include a web link to the details on each package offer, etc. Good luck!

Welcome Grant and Renee! They make great wines!


Great wine, really great people. I have known them since 2006, when they moved up to Oregon! Wines worth seeking out.

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Happy Berserker Day!! I’m a Monopole Cru Member Newbie Taster and I received these wines ahead of time at no cost from the winery and a group of six of us tasted through them. Here are our collective notes:

Above picture is of the unopened lineup of:

2021 Bednarik Vineyards Pinot Noir
2021 Eola-Amity Hills Pinot Noir
2022 Old Eight Cut Chardonnay


2021 BEDNARIK VINEYARDS PINOT NOIR- 13.6% ABV: Popped, poured, and drank over 90 minutes. Right off the bat an amazing fresh, sweet red fruit filled the glass. Deep red color with an initial nose of raspberry/cranberry. The first sip was silky smooth with not a lot of fruit showing. After about 10 minutes in the glass this blossomed with fresh red fruits and a nice acid/tannin backbone with a bit of a floral nose. Over the next hour this developed into a wine with some dusty richness and roundness and a nose full of raspberries. Delicious. This is a nicely made medium bodied wine that we unanimously enjoyed.

Some Stats:

AVA: Tualatin Hills
13.6% Alc/Vol
Dry Farmed/Organic
Native Yeast Fermentation
Harvest Date: September 20th & 26th
296 Cases

2021 EOLA-AMITY HILLS PINOT NOIR- 13.8% ABV: Popped, poured, and drank over 90 minutes. Another deep red, almost opaque wine with some smooth sandalwood on the nose. Initial tart, ripe cherry flavors and a touch of earth & iron ore that we loved. Medium bodied with nice tannins and acid. The first thing you notice about this wine is that it’s very well made but very young. Collectively, we thought this needs another year in the bottle for the components to come together. Enjoyable to drink now, but after a year this should be very delicious.

Some Stats:

AVA: Eola-Amity Hills (20% Koosah Vineyard/80% Big Cheese Vineyard)
13.8% Alc/Vol
Dry Farmed/Sustainable
Native Yeast Fermentation
Harvest Date: September 23rd – October 2nd
455 Cases

2022 OLD EIGHT CUT CHARDONNAY- 13% ABV: Popped, poured and drank over 90 minutes. Yellow straw in color with an allspice/clove nose. The first taste reminds you that you are drinking Oregon Chardonnay with a zippy, flinty core and a barely there creaminess. This was very tight and lean with undistinguished fruit flavors and really needed time to open up. After the 90-minute mark and with some food, this rounded out and opened into some clean, fresh ginger, lemon oil and green apple, with a hint of spice and a slight minerality. You can tell this is a well-made wine but right now it’s closed for business. With time, the initial flinty core and hints of apples and spice point to a wine that should develop into something really great to drink.

Some Stats:

AVA: Eola-Amity, McMinnville
13% Alc/Vol
Elevage: French Oak
Harvest Date: October 13-14


Thanks @Greg_McClellan ! We love you, I won’t be here if you had’t moved to France and was able to take you old job :wink:

Thanks @rwstorer for the thoughtful notes! We are so excited to be a part of the Berserker Day.

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Look forward to it…was hoping there would be the SYRAH! Grant and team are absolute fire, all!

Thanks Michael! We only have few bottle of 2021 Syrah left, unfortunately not enough for a package. I absolute love making working with The Rocks fruit, truly unique.

Hey @DIANAD !! thanks for the kind words. Hope you your staying warm out there…

Grant & Renee are making incredible wines … and these discounts should not be missed. Welcome aboard!


Thanks Alfred! Were so stoked to be here.

Happy Berserker Day!! I was fortunate to be another Monopole Cru Member Newbie Taster, and also received the wines from the winery at no cost. My group met on Sunday to eat, taste, and provide notes of the wines that were sent. We were supposed to have five tasters but two were last minute scratches. These notes are a composite of the three tasters’ impressions, with some additional editorial notes at the end.

Hundred Suns contacted me and sent the wines quickly. They were well-packed and had technical notes in the box.

2022 Hundred Suns Old Eight Cut Chardonnay Willamette Valley

Light yellow color with a touch of gold. Nice glow in the glass. Flinty and reductive on the nose. Evident acid, with slate and light citrus. Quite austere and locked up at first. With time moves from clean and linear to more creamy and open. At present I think it needs some time to come into its own, but it is even now a classic, clean, unadulterated expression of Oregon Chardonnay. Medium finish.

2021 Hundred Suns Bednarik Vineyard Pinot Noir

Pale, clear purple color with a pale edge. Tart cranberry/rhubarb on the nose with a palate of tart red fruit. Clean. Savory notes as well on the palate. A more Burgundian style than the Eola-Amity Hills that was tasted alongside. Shorter finish on day one. Day two added palate weight and length on the finish, otherwise largely same notes for nose and palate. A more austere expression of Pinot Noir, very interesting and more serious/contemplative wine than most Oregon Pinot Noirs you will come across.

2021 Hundred Suns Eola-Amily Hills Pinot Noir

Dark red/purple. Marine and distinctly oyster note on the nose. Much deeper with red and black fruit dominant, with blackberry on the palate. Very good depth and a sneaky and surprising amount of structure on the finish. Day two added a cola note on the nose as well. Between the structure, rich fruit, and marine influence on the nose, there is little doubt that a couple of years will make this already enjoyable wine something special.

I have read @rwstorer 's notes above and was pleased to see the similarities between the two sets of notes (and I assure you I had the notes written well before today). I tasted all three wines on day two and they were all just as good or better than on day one. These are extremely nice wines that are worthy of your considerations. And the labels are very pretty, too! Thank you for the opportunity to taste them!!


Grant and Renee are AMAZING, as are their wines. Huge fans!


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In for the Pinot Only deal…

The copy at the top of the thread says $115 but the website shows (and charges) $125. Can you clarify which is the correct price? Thanks

These wines are so good, and the price your are getting seems like a crazy deal

I’m excited to try your wines! Ordered the Bednarik library vertical.

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