Howell Mountain Wineries to Visit

Good day! Planning on heading over to CADE and Outpost in a few weeks, any other spots on Howell Mountain that we must visit? Working on meeting up with Merrill later that day or week depending on schedules.


Viader. Best view and best wine.

Black Sears

I had a great tasting at Dunn a few months back, also really enjoyed Cimrossa.

I would skip cade and visit Dunn instead. Then take a picnic to the rocky meadow.

another vote for Lamborn or head down the mountain on Old Howell Mtn rd and go to Forman. Just use a driver that day.

O’Shaugnessy Winery, which is near Outpost, is a beautiful place, has some nice cabs, and you may get to taste some of Sean Capiaux’s pinots if that is of interest.

+1 for Lamborn. Add SPENCE if you can. Best QPR for cab on Howell.

+1 for Viader and O’Shaughnessey

Yes for Viader, but a big no on O. Worst visit I have ever had in Napa.

Same here… it was ‘all about Betty’!!!


What about calling up the wonderful people at Cimarossa? Great wines, if I recall they don’t have a formal room but may accommodate visits if you give them a ring.

I’ve been to Napa (what seems to be) a million times and I’ve never done the Howell Mountain run. I really like to do that the next time I’m up there. After all, it’s my favorite AVA.



see if you can get in with the folks at Arkenstone… my favorite SB in california… long before the NYT article and nice big cabs.


Bravante VY on Stone Ridge Rd. great Cab Franc

We had a very nice visit with Arkenstone a few years ago. Great people, tasty wines and a beautiful facility for making wine.

I thought the Ladera wines oaky and very ripe, I 'm not sure the style you’re looking for, but these didn’t do much for me. I much prefered Dunn and Cimarossa.

+1 on Arkenstone