Howard Goldberg RIP

I heard yesterday that Howard had died after a cardiac arrest. He was a long time Op-Ed writer for the NYT, and wrote a weekly wine column for them. He was also a very nice man.

My best memory of him was when we were walking back after a tasting, and I asked if there was any of his Op-Ed columns that stood out for him. He thought for a moment and talked about one marking a major anniversary of Kristallnact 1938, when Nazis torched synagogues, murdered several hundred Jews and arrested 30,000 who ended up in the camps. It was a horrific and pivotal moment in the Holocaust.

That morning Howard sat on the subway, and watched an old Hasid read the column, carefully tear it out of the newspaper and wrap it in his wallet. No words, no tears but a look of true pain on his face. I don’t want to put it in the context of yesterday’s events, except to say, it was a fitting way to remember the gentle Howard Goldberg.


Sorry to hear that. His wine writing was first rate.

Always enjoyed Howards writing. Incredibly touching story Mark, thanks you for sharing it. Howard will be missed


Sad news. He was a fixture at the trade tastings here in the city. A nice guy to chat with. RIP.

Wow… what a touching tribute by Terry.
Never met Howard but always liked his writing.

And he would carry around a filthy glass because the glasses offered were unpredictable.

The very few times I met him briefly, he came across as a decent and unpretentious guy.

RIP Howard.

What a wonderful and touching tribute. May Howard’s memory be a blessing.