How would you spend $1000/year on Zinfandel

For ease of arguments sake, I spend about $1000 each year on Zinfandel. The past couple of years, most of this has gone to Turley.

I know there are some other great Zin producers out there like Bedrock, Carlisle, Limerick Lane, Robert Biale, Hartford Court, Ridge, etc.

If you had $1000 that you had to spend on Zinfandel, how do you/would you spend it?

Here’s where I’m currently at:

Turley $700 (Hayne, Ueberoth, Sadie Upton, Dusi, Presenti)
Limerick Lane $300 (Marquis, Block 101)

Ridge Geyserville, Bedrock Bedrock Heritage, and Carlisle Papera Ranch

Re-purpose as high-alcohol disinfectant.

I’d buy a bottle of Ridge Lytton Springs, then spend the rest on good wine. [cheers.gif]

I’d have to cut back my Zin purchases by nearly 75%. No can do.

I don’t buy a lot of Zin these days as my wife doesn’t like it and I tend to prefer other wines, but I’m partial to Ridge Geyserville, Scherrer OMV, and Bedrock OV. Those are the ones I recommend to friends.

Wow, how much do you typically spend on wine a year?

Way more than I should!

I really like Turkey and Ridge, as do others here. But I’d mix in some Bedrock and Carlisle for sure.

Bob…My Zin spend these days is solely Carlisle with decreasingly some Turley. If I was willing to spend more, I would likely lean to Martinelli Giuseppe & Luisa (have always enjoyed, but crept up in price) and the few Zins from Selyem.

Okay cuz I guess the economics of the question needed to be answered. If all you’re spending is say $1,500 on wine and $1k goes to Zin… I would say get whatever is cheap and acceptable. If the ratios are completely different then obviously something a bit different. I personally don’t have much experience with Zins, but the ones I’ve liked are Ridge & I bought a few Bedrocks that I haven’t opened yet. I wasn’t a fan of Turley last time I was up in Paso.

Lagier Meredith Tribadrag. Bella for guilty pleasure fruit bomb.

According to CT, my year in Zin so far:

Ridge Geyserville 2018 ~ $250
Ridge Three Valleys 2017 $40
Bedrock OVZ $120 (I plan to buy more)
Bedrock Lorenzo’s Heritage $42 (I plan to buy more)
Limerick Lane RRV $132

~ $584 to date.

Recently joined the list at Limerick Lane to get their Marquis and would like to get some Once & Future Old Hill Ranch. Sounds like I need to try some Turley.

It’s Zin and bbq season! So good with smoked brisket, ribs, burgers… [cheers.gif]

There are so many great Zins but I’d just send my $1k to Mike Officer and happily take everything I received in return

If you like Zinfandel, there are a number of interesting, different and excellent producers. There are certain foods I enjoy a Zin with so I have some regularly. Depending on how much bacon fat, blackberry, Cassis and black pepper you prefer there are number wineries/winemakers producing excellent wines. Ravenswood, Elyse, Gamba, Outpost, Howell Mountain Vineyards, Dashe, Saldo, Bucklin, half of which are on the fruit forward side in California and Sineann from Oregon to name a few worth trying. I’m sure there are more depending on the style you prefer.

I echo that +Scherrer OMV.

Tegan’s Sandlands zin is very exciting too, but compared to these others, likely difficult to source.

Split equally among Bedrock, Scherrer, Dashe, Briceland.

That’s not a question one asks a gentleman.

Buying cabernet

Bedrock OV, Bedrock VY, and a few others mixed in- 50%
Ridge Geyser and LS-30%
Frogs Leap-20%