How to Split and Serve a Big Piece of Meat ???

I have a beautiful prime bone-in rib eye weighing in at just over 2 lbs. I want to split this between myself and one other person.

Is it best to cook it whole then split? Cut in half vertically or horizontally? If horizontally, then there is only one side with crust and I’d imagine I’d loose a good bit of juice in the process. Horizontally and the presentation looks a little weird. If I cut it first, then it’ll only just over 1 inch thick and won’t cook nearly as well. Clearly, I’m pretty lost here.

What do you guys do?

Thanks in advance!

my wife and i split these beasts sometimes. usually done after cooking. cut lengthwise. we’re not too concerned about what it looks like on the plate.

cook whole, nicely crusted.
Let rest at least 10 minutes and then remove bone and slice meat.
you will find there is enough meat sliced for 3-4 people served that way.

Slice and serve.

my only issue with slicing is it gets cold quickly

+1…and BTW, that looks outstanding.

Not my photo. Found it on the internets to illustrate.

Don’t want to hijack Kevin’s thread, but… coincidentally, had the best Cote du Bouef I’ve ever had last week. 1 kilo English Longhorn at Hawksmoor in London. My wife and I were very surprised by how good it was. Hate to say it, but better than any Charolaise I’ve eaten (which has been quite a bit over the years). Maybe the best rib steak I’ve ever eaten. Anywhere.

Is this a casual acquaintance or a loved one? My wife and I always split a steak (at home*) and we just cook it properly and put it on a plate. We cut what we want off it and eat it, the leftovers go to the cats.

If you are dining with someone you don’t care to be that intimate with, cook it then slice it into strips as shown in pictures from a previous poster. Serve it on on individual plates as slices. You decide what slice to serve your guest.

At my house, when serving guests, I will at least slice it but I may just put it all on a platter as if it where whole.


it’s for my father-in-law. i like the guy, but not enough to get intimate flirtysmile

thanks for all the replies. looking forward to some good dead cow and '07 rivers marie, stefania, and karl lawrence cabs [drinkers.gif]

I’d cut the rib cap off separate for me ( to start ) and give the rest to the other person. Its a natural separation ( your not going to loose juice ) and the other person gets the bone- in Saratoga steak ( its a generous offer to them ) . Trust me you get some later as the meal progresses.

at 2 lbs, you should have a nice chunk of beef in the rib cap ( to start ) !! Once your friend starts cutting, then slice off at 1/2 " thick slices parallel ( or at a 45 degree angle ) to the bone and share.