How-To: Posting links so they embed with a preview!

Pro tip, when you post a hyperlink, post it in its own line, then you get an in-post preview.


When posting the following link inline with text, you see the link:

Here is the sample text. Saint Emilion Grand Cru "Shelby Co. Lmt" 2018 - Peaky Blinders | Vinibianchirossi

If you put the hyperlink in a separate line, you get this:

Here is the sample text.

See how it embeds when you have it on a separate line? Slick!

Microsoft Edge Users, please note that your systems add extra embed code to the links, like this (posted as an image)

And looks like this, just showing a hyperlink:

With the extra embed language, it won’t actually embed, as all you need is the image URL/hyperlink. Remove all the extra language, put just the image URL, you get this, fully embedded:

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I am slow, it took me several minutes to realize that for this to work you *do not* want to use the special hyperlink embedding notation (with parens and brackets). Just paste the link as-is into the body of the post and let the forum software figure out that it is a link. Doh!