How to post TN's from CellarTracker

Chris Silikowski asked me how to post TN’s from CellarTracker, and I figured it might be helpful to others as well, so I’m going to sticky it for a while.

When you write the note (after you finish), it shows up on the page for that particular wine. Below the note are the commands ‘click to add a new tasting note’ and ‘post to other sites’':

Choose Wine Berserkers

then ‘Continue to Step 3’

It will bring this window up, you click ‘Submit’

Then it brings you to your new thread, pre-filled out, which you then publish with ‘Create Topic’ at bottom


Actually… have you talked to Eric?

I have, early on…

Just to add to this, once you select the UBBCode Markup it will open the page with your notes in a editable window. You need to select all in that window and copy/paste that over here.

so, in other words, one must go through a bunch of useless steps when one could just copy and past the TN here, right? All the “publish to another forum” b.s. is a waste of time, isn’t it?

It’s an option - someone asked, and several do it, so why not offer it as an option? You are free to skip the ‘bunch of useless steps’ as you see fit.

i view it as taking 3 left turns to take a right … but if that’s what people want to do that’s certainly fine with me. i just think there could be an easier way to do it, but it sounds like we need eric’s further collaboration for that.

Uuuuhhhh…its a couple clicks and copy 'n paste dude. And it comes out nicely formatted. Can’t be anymore work than doing it manually especially if you are posting more than one note. Works great for event TN’s.

ok…i’ll give you ease of use re: event TN’s … but for a solo note, why wouldn’t i do away with the “couple clicks” and just do the copy and paste?

with a solo note I write the TN in CT then

  1. copy and paste the TN in wine berserkers thread; and
  2. copy and paste wine name in subject line of wine berserkers thread.

that’s it. 2 simple copy and paste jobbers … no need to click here, click there, select appropriate radio button, copy and paste TN, then copy and paste wine name into subject line.

i don’t care how people post their notes, i’m just pointing out that (for a solo note) it does get easier than “publishing from CT” … now, if there is some other reason (besides ease of use) to be publishing from CT, then let me know (for example, maybe if enough people do the UBB thing for wine berserkers then eric will add a specific radio button therefore) … i’ll consider that reason and maybe start doing the “publish from” thing.

Word Brian. I haven’t posted enough solo notes(though I should be) to see that difference. When I do I’ll probably still use the publishing as it really is only another click or two and I like the formatting. YMMV.

When you copy/paste the UBB code it has a direct link to the note on CT so you can see everyone elses opinions… not just yours. Opposed to just copy and pasting the tasting note directly via text. I think that’s certainly beneficial. Cause you know B-dawg your notes involve math and I just don’t understand numbers =P

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sweet! … i did not realize publishing with the UBB code made the link to CT page come up … i’m converted … but you’re still gonna have to deal with the numbers! [tease.gif]

Hey guys, we really could get this wired up to be more automatic. It would take a little code on your side. Is there anyone geeky who I could talk to? (The BWE board had someone create a mod that works for this. You would just need to modify it to work for your board–and then I could make Berserker the default destination for publishing notes…)

Eric, our technical admin Trey is the one with geek skillz around here. Will you send him a PM and describe what we need?

Melissa, can you send me an email and cc: Trey? I need to forward along some files. Email is easier than private messaging for this stuff. I am

The board wizard has been seen only on rare occasion but is thought to have far reaching powers though he may only work at word of the lord of the kingdom, Todd. His ways are mysterious and secretive but usually efficient.

I have removed this as a sticky since it was getting too cluttered at the top of each page. We are working with Eric Levine to integrate Cellar Tracker with this board. Once we have information for you regarding this, I will create a new sticky letting everyone know how it will work!

Here is a good one. Now, the premise of using CT is kind of expected for many of us, a way to create a cross-culture between CT and WB. And look how far CT has come in the same decade, growing too like WBers. Awesome.

I am resurrecting this for any other luddites that might need the primer about how to cross post notes from CT to WB.

And my big question is not about how to do it, but rather why is it so difficult to find any help topic about it on either site? I don’t mind reading instructions, but where are they? Not in the FAQ’s… not in any help section… not using easy search terms. At least this seems like the right topic but alas, still nothing here to help me figure out this menial task.

A little edumication would be most appreciated (by anyone)

It’s super easy (on desktop, anyway - not on mobile, but Eric said they are working on a new interface with better mobile functionality) - will update the OP, thanks

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