How to pack hand blown glass stems?

Luckily I have (most of) the original boxes for my Glasvin glasses, but I have about 2 dozen mixed Zalto/GGG with no protection. The moving boxes from Lowe’s + glass packs are basically cardboard dividers with foam sleeves for glasses. I packed my universal Riedels in there because 1) I don’t really care that much if they break and 2) the glass is thicker. But I also don’t believe that my BDX Zaltos will fit in the foam sleeves and I’m not sure if just a thin layer of foam + the cardboard exterior is really enough protection in any case for a more delicate stem. Anyone moved with delicate stems? How’d you do it?

My wife buys lots of art glass online and they roll each item in bubble wrap and then pack more bubble wrap around all of them as a group. Nothing has been broken yet.

I have moved many times with large amounts of stemware. My most delicate glasses are Riedel sommeliers series Burgundy and Chablis stems. In each case all of the stems have been wrapped in packing paper and boxed in regular moving boxes (with additional packing paper filling any spaces). I’ve not yet had a stem break in transit.

The Grassl’s shipped in tubes with only a little paper cushioning the ends. Worked pretty well. You might be able to find cardboard shipping tubes of the right diameter at the UPS store, Staples, or Post Office. Keeps it from being crushed or bending.

Good luck with the move.