How to find a job in a restaurant in Italy

Our grand daughter who is a 29, unattached and an assistant manager for a well regarded Italian restaurant chain would like to broaden her experience and work in a restaurant in Italy. Any suggestions on how she finds such a job? Thank you.

Good blog post on the subject.

When we were visiting in Sept every restaurant was struggling to find help. Some parts of Italy are very seasonal. On the Amalfi coast some of the folks we chatted with worked there for summer season( April-Oct) and headed north for the winter. I would think Milan, Rome, Florence are not as seasonal. She probably needs to nail down what area as it can be overwhelming looking in every market.

She may also want to think about what type of restaurant she wants to work in. I believe Italy is either #1 or 2 for Michelin star restaurants. The larger ones i would think are always looking. She can reach out directly to them via their website.

This is a fantastic family business and WB favorite. We ate at all but one of their concepts. I would imagine they would be a great option if Rome is of interest.

Congrats on having an adventurous and successful grandaughter !

Hi Stephen,

I’d suggest your granddaughter sign up for the Traveling Somms FB group.

I’d also suggest that she talk to various wholesale reps that carry wines that she has liked in the past. At the worst, they can get her in contact with people in Italy that could possibly help.