How much does a negociant pay ....

… for a wine in barrel (Burgundy)?

The question is meant rather for those who have any practical knowledge …

Let´s assume that a certain wine (1er cru) has a final sale price of 50 Euros (to private customers) at the negociant´s cellar door.
This includes 20% TVA, so the net price is 41.66 €.

When selling it to importers/retailers there will probably be a discount (not always if it is a very rare wine) of 5-15% … so let´s assume 10% = 37.49 € (net).

How much will the negociant pay to the wine-maker (grower) for a barrel of 228 liter which gives a maximum of 304 bottles à 0.75 liter (more probable app. 295 bottles)?
295 bts à 37.49 € = app. 11.060 €

(this has to include all costs for bottle/label/cork/capsule/cases - as well as the complete elevage, incl. topping up (with what?) and the whole work).

That’s a bit like asking how much a bottle of wine costs. It depends on the wine.

One way to get an idea is to look at barrels at the auctions, e.g. Hospices de Beaune. Here’s an article from Decanter:

are you asking what the general spread is for the barrel price vs the price you pay for the bottle?

I think they pay in BMW parts.