How many verticals do you own?

If a vertical starts at 3 years, then I have 4. If you agree on how many years makes a vertical, please post below?

I have:

Sea Smoke Ten 05 - 07
Sea Smoke Southing 05 - 07
ACV Cab 04 - 06
EMH Black Cat 05 - 07

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3 years is a vertical? [scratch.gif]

This is a vertical:

Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon The Montelena Estate 1984-2007.

or this:

Giacosa Barolo Falletto 1982-2005.

or this:

Giacosa Barbaresco Santo Stefano 1982-2005.


While I also wouldn’t consider three vintages a vertical, some wouldn’t consider your 24 vintages a vertical either. It’s all subjective.

Turley Petite Sirah Hayne 1993-2006.

Philip Togni Cabernet Sauvignon 1990-2004.

and one that’s been really hard to get (since it’s complete and rare):

Elio Altare Barolo Brunate 1995-2004

Ok then. How many years would you or anyone consider a vertical?

Well, I guess all vintages would work. [wink.gif]

Generally, I think of maybe 10 vintages, though they wouldn’t have to be consecutive if it included the best vintages.

I was one short on Spottswoode Estate. Had 1983-2006 (and counting), with only 1982 missing. The winery wouldn’t get me one bottle of the 1982 to round it out. [emot-pwn.gif]

Yeah, I would tend to agree with Ken in that three vintages is not enough (although with some of the California producers, that may be ALL), and I also think that if you go back far enough, they don’t need to be consecutive. Off the top of my head, I have LLC in '81, '82, '86, '88, ‘89,’ '90, '92, '93, '94, '95, and '98, and I’ve always considered that to be sort of vertical-ish. Then again, I had and drank through the '83 and '85 already, so perhaps the better test is whether one intends to actually use them as a vertical.

BTW, Ken, how is that '93 Turley PS Hayne drinking?

Morse code, smoke signals nor mental telepathy will not garner a response?

Anyone else getting vertical vertigo?

Or boredom?

Of course, it needs 20 years still. [wink.gif]

It’s terrific, though in 1993, I think I prefer the Aida.

Perhaps, but maybe they’re just avoiding this thread? [shrug.gif]

Every wine I own is in a vertical.

You know, I just checked CT and realized that I don’t own the '93 - so how is the '94 Hayne PS (and the Aida with it, for that matter)?

BTW, no one commented on it because, as we saw from that earlier poll, only 5 freaking % of the people here are listing neb as their favorite grape, but I for one am very impressed by that Brunate vertical by Altare.

Both 94 PS from Turley (made by Helen) are among the greatest wines ever made imo.

If anybody doesn’t have a vertical and wants one, let me know. We have about 20 verticals of Rusden Black Guts, Rusden Boundaries, Oliver Hill and Black Chook. [whistle.gif]

As someone said, verticals are a curse, as one hesitates to break them up.

Bunch of Turley’s.
Beaux Freres.
Domaine Serene x a few (though no longer purchase).
Been drinking up my Archery Summits, but I had Estate, Red Hills, and Arcus from 1996 to 2000.
Cristom Reserve. (Though I used to have Marjorie and Louise verticals, too.)
St, Innocent Seven Springs (no longer made).
Panther Creek Shea & Freedom Hill. (But no longer buy every vintage.)
Chehalem Ridgecrest, Stoller, Reserve, Ian’s Reserve Chard, PG, Riesling.
Navarro PG, G, R, PN.
Matthews Columbia Valley Red. (No longer buy.)
Quilceda Creek.
Sineann Old Vine Zin.

I understand the notion that verticals can be a curse but lets say you drink them. They are a vertical now in your memory. Way more important than not drinking them.
BTW, I drink every vintage of Dominus at vintage +20 years. Looking forward to 1990 someday soon… maybe my wife’s birthday… maybe mine. This ritual never fails to remind what a great wine Dominus makes, not to mention what a fun hobby this is.