How many DRC do you own?

How many DRC do you own?

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  • 1 to 10
  • 11 to 20
  • 21 to 30
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  • 51 to 70
  • 71 to 100
  • 101 to 150
  • 151 to 200
  • 201+
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  • Jon Favre
  • SQN is better

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Ok…NOW all you Burgunserkers will be happy to come out an play…and this thread will be filled with love and happiness, and ooze the Burgundian spirit, like being at a La Paulee gala! grouphug
Arguably the greatest wines made…and one of, if not the most collectable as well. No doubt about this one…you can drink Heaven, or flip till the cows come home! How many ya got?? [highfive.gif]

Only 7 for me!

Lol Jon Favre.

Only 0 for me.

Sadly zero, but realistically it was always out of my price range. I really hope to taste a La Tâche some day.

201+? Who’s Lyin’?’

1 bottle deserves its own marker (1 and 10 are worlds apart)…Have zero but think about owning one from time to time.

I have one, a 2006 GE that I picked up from a respectable retailer at what was a good deal at the time and now seems to be a real steal. Kind of fun to wonder what occasion will warrant opening this trophy.


None. I’ve enjoyed a few in restaurants with my wife though. But those deals seem to be almost gone.

That´s exactly what I thought would come next in the “How many …” threads [highfive.gif]

Does the 1921 La Tâche C. Marey & Cte Liger Belair count? (it´s not DRC!)

Then still 12 bts. - all before 2000 … (otherwise 11)

I used to have more than double as many, all bought 12-25 years ago when it was (not cheap but) kind of affordable … but quite a few went into my recent tastings …

Now it´s definitely out of my budget - and seriously I know other producers of the same quality but priced lower …

0, and most likely will stay that way given how many fakes are out there.

You too funny!! [bye.gif]

DRC? What’s that?
When I was growing up my mom always had a bottle of red Burgundy (right next to the Sauternes) in the cupboard for cooking.
My entire purchase of Burgundy wines over the years can be counted on one hand.
All I have is one bottle of Jadot Macon Lugny in my cellar right now. :smiley:

-It is Nike’s sole rubber, for out door shoes.
I noticed it on a pair I used to wear. Tough and long lived.

From Nike’s webpage : " DRC (Durable Rubber Compound) AKA XDR (Xtremely Durable Rubber)"


So is it just as durable when in bottle form?

Maybe a more interesting exploration than the numbers is how many folks have both DRC and SQN in their cellar. I know you do, Buzz. I’ll admit freely that I do too, but I haven’t really consumed any red SQN I’ve bought, having only gotten on the list a couple of years ago and wanting some integration in my big red wine. Maybe I’ll hate it. I know I like DRC. I’m something of a label drinker. I don’t find other Burgundy experiences to rival DRC (or Leroy). There’s a unique signature to those wines in their youth and middle age, at least, that I don’t see elsewhere.


With DRC you have to get lucky. Not get a fake(many, many out there), get one that was stored well, get one from a decent vintage, have lots of $$$, etc. etc. etc.

SQN direct from the winery is easily the better bet on all the above concerns…

this post makes absolutely zero sense.

Zero. Nada. Nil. None.

I’m happy to play in the league where I’m already at and have no desire to move “up”. Wouldn’t mind trying one or two vintages of Richemont or LaTache, but nothing I’d even put on my bucket list.

I would believe it from Alan. (no, not that Alan! [wink.gif] )

If I hadn’t gone so long on Maison Ilan wines, that was my intro into Burgundy. I’ve since gone back to Bordeaux.