How long has your cooling unit lasted?

My Wine Guardian made it 14 years to last week. Nicknamed the beast, it was enormous, loud, and effective. 14 years is apparently a little longer than the usual 5-10 year lifespan mentioned by a friend who is going to sell me a much more user friendly split system. But I am now a little curious, how long have you had yours?


I am too superstitious to say. I’m on year 20.

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Split system with tweaks. Almost 20 years.

I’ve been using a Cellar Pro split system for 8 years without issue. Previously, I was using 2 Eurocave units that are suppose to hold 260 bottles each. After building the cellar, I gave the Eurocave units away to 2 different people. They were 10 years old at the time. One of them was returned to me 5 years ago and has been running almost continuously in the garage. The green compressor light seems to never go out. That makes them both 17 years old and still going strong.


I count on replacing my 10k BTU window unit every 7 years. One made it 10+ but I don’t want to chance it like that any more. New one inaugurated last week. Each costs about what Fu spends on a power lunch. Maybe less

No problems with a BreezAir unit for 15-16 yrs in the first cellar I built. Put another BreezAir in our new house 2 yrs ago and still problem-free.

Split system compressor went out last year…14yrs. Same time frame as our GE Monogram fridge compressor. Expensive month…

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My Breezaire WKSL 4000 just died at 8.5 years.

13 years. We have it checked and serviced twice a year with our HVAC service company.

16 years. Our heating/air conditioner guy rebuilt it about 5 ago. Cheaper than buying a new one.

You don’t talk/brag about how long it’s lasted while it’s still kicking. That’s liable to cause it to croak.


Question: What do you do when your cooling unit dies? Presumably it takes some time to get the replacement installed. Do most cellars stay cool enough during that period or do you find other means of temporary cooling?

24 years, so far.

I use the same (tricked by a Coolbot to run colder, which flawlessly keeps the cellar at 55F) but sometimes I get tired of the noise it makes and think for my next cooling unit, I get something quieter.

Or maybe put it on a timer so it doesn’t turn on every 15 mins to check the temperature.

Of those who have had their cooling unit for 10+ yrs, do you do anything in particular for maintenance? My whisperkool is only 3yrs old and I’m terrified my unit crashes during a heatwave.

Vinoteque. Over 25 years and working fine.

Mine’s in the basement. Definitely could be an issue if it was upstairs.

My oldest unit is a 34 bottle Avanti I bought back in 1997.

Same (window+coolbot), though I hear it through the floor. The 8k unit I have is definitely louder than the 6.5k unit I had before. I have the fan running all the time so it just runs harder periodically - basically white noise.

I don’t think I’ve gotten 7 years of life yet.