How do you transport your stemware?

Does anyone here find themselves transporting their own stemware from time to time? Maybe a weekend trip, a picnic or a day out on the lake/ocean? If you do find yourself bringing your stemware with you, what is your method of protecting them?

My car has a special cupholder for wineglasses. It retracts when flashing red or blue lights are detected.

Riedel makes a useful case that I use. Holds four stems.

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i use stem carrying case…have both riedel and generic and both works great

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I have a Plano hardshell eggcrate foam-lined case that I’ve used. Cheap and effective.

I keep the original boxes and carry them carefully.

Either original boxes or Reidel carrying case.

Same here. Kept my Gabriel Glas boxes and they work well/are easy to take on the road.

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if carrying 4 or less, then I use the Riedel carrier (I used a black permanent marker to black-out the tacky Riedel logo). If carrying more, I’ll use a stand-up case with the bottle dividers still in it.

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Same. Well, one box. Rarely need to transport more than six stems.

This is one of my most useful wine possessions.

Inexpensive, good quality, insulated, has slots for six glasses and/or bottles, you can fit magnums and even squeeze in extra bottles if needed, has a nice pocket for things like notebook, pens, and corkscrews.

Basically, it’s your one stop shop for what to take to tastings. Can’t recommend it highly enough.


Most of the time, I use a wine carrier like Chris posted to carry both wine and stems (and spit cups and corkscrews in the pocket). Depending on the number of wines and stems, I may need to supplement or use a different system. I also have bags designed to carry stems, including a couple of custom bags that carry 8 or 10 stems (size restrictions), but I tend not to use them.


Are the slots wide enough for Reidel Vinum Burgundy or XL Oregon Pinot bowls, or even Zalto Burgundy’s?
I had something similar though non-insulated from Ravenscroft but the interior had a chemical smell so I didn’t use them.
I have the Reidel bag but only holds 3 Burg stems.

I have not found a good solution for carrying 10-12 Burgundy stems to a tasting.
Fortunately the restaurant series Reidel XL Oregon Pinots stems that I bought come in a box of 12, and I use that…but the cardboard box will eventually wear down and I may have to find something else.

I don’t transport stemware - but carry my Riedel Os in their original boxes.

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I use Schott Zwiesel glasses for off site drinking. The Riedels stay at home. I put them in a box but really you could just throw them in the trunk and let them bounce around. We buy them when we travel because they are cheap and durable. At the end of the trip we throw them in our carry on and bring them home. My current favorites are the $9.99 Burgundy glasses we bought at K and L in Hollywood last year.

Yesterday a cardboard/styro 6 pack shipper worked well crammed into full car trunk on its side for Sierra getaway.

I have the Riedel case mentioned above, but would be interested in a case that just carries two glasses. Something low key my wife and I could bring to a BYOB restaurant. Any thoughts?

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