How do you prepare popcorn?

I use a pot with olive oil. When popped I salt it then add butter.

Pop in homemade ghee (a bit browner than commercial) + salt. Sometimes other additions (Parmesan; herbs), but not often

Truffle salt.
Full stop.

We use this with organic coconut oil, salt and Amish popcorn.

Don’t use olive oil. I like neutral oil. Popped then put into a brown paper grocery bag, add butter and salt and shake.

I use a Whirley popper . Makes a big difference .
I use a little coconut oil and then a bunch of ghee.
Flavocol (what is used in movie theaters) for salt.
For popcorn, a balance of white and yellow (no brand preference)-no brand preference .

pop on stovetop in canola oil, then salt.

Stove top, canola oil, sometimes plain microwave or hot air. Always top with butter, sometimes add hot sauce and/or part. Oh, and black pepper sometimes. A great passed/casual appetizer is popcorn with crumbled bacon (2-3 strips) and black pepper.

The view from flyover country…

StirCrazy w canola oil, topped w melted butter and salt.

Whirley-pop with a tablespoon or two of coconut oil, then into a big steel bowl and tossed with melted salted butter.

For those who top with butter, does the popcorn get “wet”? And do you like it?? If not , I suggest you try cooking with ghee.

Too much oil. Hot air popping for me.

I use the Whirley Popper and neutral oil. Usually canola. Ghee is the best addition to this combination. We use whatever popcorn is available in the house.

Stovetop with grapeseed oil.

Then toss with butter or truffled oil. Salt or whatever other dry seasoning/spice strikes my fancy at the time.

Whirly Pop with neutral oil; microwave butter; shake popcorn in paper bag with melted butter and salt

Sous vide, of course.

And periodically stop at a movie theater and buy it-without seeing a movie .


How many hours?

stove top, avocado oil, salt and roasted garlic powder (Penzey’s) or truffle salt.

Will have to try it with ghee

I remember many years ago Keith Levenberg suggesting ground sichuan peppercorns and thinking I had to try it. But I never did [oops.gif]