How do I sign up for the Grand Cru Cru?

I’m new to Wine Berserkers, but I’ve been learning a lot by combing through old posts. I’d like to help support the site and sign up for the Grand Cru Cru.

How do I sign up? I’ve looked in the FAQ, and found nothing. I looked in the Grand Cru Cru forum, but I can’t read any posts. I saw a reference in one place that there should be a link at the bottom of the home page, but I can’t find it. (I did disable my ad blocker.)

Can anyone help me by sharing the link I need to use to sign up? Thanks.


Click on 'Memberships" ?

Your username, upper right, ‘my memberships’

(although it will change soon when we move to the new site!)

Got it. Thanks!

For the benefit of anyone who may need this later, the part I was missing is that the Upgrade Membership link is accessed through a drop down menu on the My Memberships screen. (At least it was on my iPhone.)

You don’t, you sign up for Monopole Cru.

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Welcome aboard Charles!

I thought the first rule of Grand Cru Crü was not to ask how to join Grand Cru Crü.

Welcome Charles!

Todd needs to make some money so when i doubt ask! :100:

Yeah, no subscriptions available yet - too much else to do first!!! Everybody who was supposed to renew from Aug 15-31 gets a couple free weeks, baby!