Houston Texas

Texas law allows BYOB if an establishment only has a beer and wine license. That said we have had great success with restaurants letting us bring our wine, just ask first and be discreet they are going to great financial risk for you by bending the rules.

Legal BYOB’s

  1. Lucio’s BYOB & Grill ($5 Cork Fee per-bottle) 905 Taft St. Houston, Tx 77019 Tel: 713-523-9958

  2. La Vista ($5 Cork Fee per-bottle) 1936 Fountain View Dr , Houston, TX 77057 Tel: 713 -787-9899

  3. http://www.raiasitalianmarket.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; last week with Gutting. Pretty good food and the pizza looked great. $5 corkage. Probably need to bring your own stems. posted by :Jason Hagen

5 Luigi’s Pizza Midtown I do not believe they have ever charged corkage. Great Pizza nice feel with Gelato for dessert.

Post or PM any reviews or other BYOB’s I will attempt to keep an updated list.

Just read about this has anyone been there? $8 corkage decent reviews online, I went to a similar concept in Austin years ago and it was fun.

http://swamplot.com/opening-tonight-montrose-bungalow-kitchen-takeover/2010-08-04/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+swamplot+(Swamplot:+Houston’s+Real+Estate+Landscape" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;)

At here http://www.raiasitalianmarket.com/ last week with Gutting. Pretty good food and the pizza looked great. $5 corkage. Probably need to bring your own stems.


Telephone Thai

Vieng Thai

Thai Gourmet


good tips!

The question is when are you going to come visit John?

I need to know so that I can plan on being there.


Just Dinner is a pretty solid place. La Vista has bumped its corkage fee to $7.

Bistro Des Amis in the Village is a solid place, but they jacked corkage to $12 when they got their beer/wine license.


Dry Creek Cafe
Thai Cottage
District 7 (wine only)
Jonathan’s The Rub

I know there are more, but I’m having a hard time off the top of my head right now. Great thread, Bill. Can’t believe I’ve missed it. Must have gotten posted when work went insane.

Holdredge is all talk. He’s too scared of me to come visit :slight_smile:

Here’s my fairly up-to-date list of Houston BYOBs. Always good to call ahead as policies seem to change rather often.

Places that I’ve been to recently that had shitty stemware are marked - I’m sure it’s not an all0inclusive list.

Updated 4/6/2013
La Vista
Telephone Thai/Kanomwan (Bring stemware)
Just Dinner
Fred’s Italian Corner
Bistro des Amis
Da Marco
Dry Creek Cafe (Bring stemware)
Cafe Pita+
Aladdin (Bring stemware)
Jenni’s Noodle House
Mancuso’s Italian Kitchen (Bring stemware)
Jonathan’s The Rub
Lemon Tree
Ruggles Green
The Counter
Fat Bao (Call ahead - Bring stemware)
La Guadalupana (Bring stemware)
Fadi’s (Bring stemware)
Luigi’s Pizzeria (Bring stemware)
Eatsie Boys Cafe (Bring stemware)

These places have not been vetted by me (yet):
Phil and Derek’s
Beck’s Prime (Heights location)
Banana Leaf
La Fendee
Fajita Pete’s
Crawfish Shack
Kraftsmen Bakery Cafe (brunch - BYO bubbles)
Rustika (brunch)
Japanero Sushi
Central Texas Style BBQ
Thai Jasmine
Calliope’s PoBoy
Broken Spoke
Pampa Grill
Vieng Thai
Pizarro’s Pizza
Yum Yum Cha

thanks for the updated list.

Jonathan’s The Rub is very good.

I found this list of BYOB restaurants across Texas on the Haak Vineyards website.


As a young guy, like myself, don’t you feel like a toddler when you dine there? Aside from that, I’ve been there a few times and my meat was always way overcooked. Ordered rare and was given medium well.

Uchi is BYOB with a $20 corkage, but worth it.

Best meal I’ve had in Texas yet.

Chris Shepherd’s new spot Underbelly is BYOB. They will not be serving liquor, so it should welcome corkage for the foreseeable future. $15 corkage on top of a very low wine markup. The sommelier (also GM) seemed very willing to waive corkage if you share wine or buy from their list as well.

An absolutely stunning meal, really gives Uchi a run for its money.

Great to hear it is up to expectations. I did the 10 course tasting menu with a 98 Mayacamas last Friday the service and food were the best I have had since Aris closed. We will get to underbelly very soon.

The Cab? You must hate pairing wine with food…

No, the chardonnay it worked quite well, I still have 1 98 and a couple 99’s for my next visit.

Oxheart Opens Thursday March 15
Corkage is $10 once they get the proper TABC permits that could change so call first.