I tried to book a room last night through Per Kayak, the room at the hotel that we wanted was cheapest through that website. When I tried to book using my AmEx it did’t go through…odd. Switched to a Visa and received a message that they had to contact their hotel partner but after not hearing anything (no confirmation or rejection) I called the toll free number, who promptly transferred me to a non-existent back office.

Very weird experience and I’m inclined to stay very far away in the future.

I’ve not used, but have found that if I call the hotel’s own reservation line and quote an online (usually Kayak) price, the hotel will most often match it.

Thanks Mark, I think I’ll give that a whirl.

most hotel chains will not only match but in most cases will beat it by 20-25%

Update: so something is definitely amiss with that website because AmEx put a hold on my account.

Hotel**ING** or Hotel**S**.com?

(edit: corrected spelling - or, and it is hotel**S**.com)

^ Ok, now I’m confused…wat?

Looks legit, but I am leery.

I’m not sure, Corey. Hoteling Reviews - 453 Reviews of | Sitejabber

I use all the time. You got a free room ever ten bookings and I get 10% off on top via a cash back site. Average 25-30 (personal) nights a year that way.

There are basically just two different companies owning all the different hotel sites. Three maybe.

EESH! I should have clarified, the site looks legit, and I found them through Kayak. When I called AmEx the gentleman on the phone suggested that they blocked the charge going through because they had issues with the merchant.

I’ve since done some searching on tripadvisor and there are several bad experiences recounted thereon.

If you type in, it flips you to

I’ve used before with good results. I even have their app on my iPad. seems to be something completely different.

Good luck. Hope everything works out.