Holocene Inaugural Release, Pinot Noir

Does anybody know much about this release? It is a 2015 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. I like Todd Alexander’s wines, so I am going to give them a try.

Never heard of them, save me a glass amigo!

He has been the winemaker at Force Majeure for a few years now. Have you heard of them? Nice Syrahs from Washington. Before that, he worked at Bryant Family. Now, I know you’ve heard of them. [cheers.gif]

Are they from a specific AVA? That’s a pretty hefty price tag for an inaugural release. I think I’ll wait to try one first before jumping on that bandwagon.

Would someone mind sharing what the price is on this? Thanks

How did I get on this list?

Are you on the Force Majeure List?? I am on it and never signed up for Holocene but received the offer.

Exactly what I was thinking. I very rarely even drink pinot

With global warming, Pinot is the new Zinfandel. [snort.gif]

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Ha ha! Not sure if I should laugh or cry :slight_smile:

This would be my guess.I will be glad when I move and have a new email address [cheers.gif]

We just revisited the 2021 Apocrypha pinot noir and it was stunning again. We last had it May of last year and was really impressed then. A gorgeous wine with bright fruit, intensity, elegance, depth, and balance. My only concern is that it may have the backbone/structure to only support mid-term rather than long-term aging, but I am no expert at predicting OR PN longevity. 4+ (out of 5)

Anyone tasted either of the new (few bottles of) Chardonnay from 2023?

Also interested in what others have to say. While I’m a fan of the pinots, the chardonnay is a bit too steep of a price point for me to try.

…not WB endorsed. this