Holdredge Wines - 4 Years, 4 Wines, One Great Community

Holdredge Wines

4 Years, 4 wines, Supporting One Great Wine Board

One Each:
2010 Pinot Noir - Russian River Valley “Rolling Thunder”
2009 Pinot Noir - Russian River Valley
2008 Pinot Noir - Russian River Valley “11”
2007 Syrah - Russian River Valley

$110 + tax and shipping where applicable

10% from each sale will be donated to WB [cheers.gif]


Actually, I’d call (707)280-8902. Emails are best- we’ll send a link. Thanks boss.

Why would you call yourself?


No, no, no…the correct phrasing is “What would you call yourself? Idiot.” (Actually, its the wardens winery phone)

Been waiting on this one. The pack I got from BF1 was friggin outstanding.

In for a 4-pack, thankyewww!

John - I am definitely in. I will email or call you to confirm


That Holdrege guy is an A++++++++ guy. [snort.gif]

I’m in for a 4-pack. E-mail sent.

Yep. The email is in the mail.


Only wine I have left from BDI or BDII (don’t remember - I’m old) is the ‘old school’ Pinot - perhaps I should crack that tonight!

Quite a coincidence here that the TV show Spartacus:Vengeance premieres tonight. [berserker.gif]


Todd, that Old School was fantastic!



Are you guys on your periods at the same time? A Berserker Day sync? [wow.gif] [snort.gif]

Rumor has it these arrived today in the ol ATL.

I didn’t hear any rumors, but there was a nice little package in my chair when I arrived at work today… [cheers.gif]

Yeah, Brandon got these for me, I was away fromthe desk.