Hobel- why no love?

Just received the offering email. TRB is the winemaker. AG gave the wines very high scores.

The 2019 Figure was rated 98 by AG but is available today at retail for the same price as the offering. $125 is not unreasonable for this.

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I’d wager it’s the marketing. They emphasize woodworking terms over the vineyards where they source their grapes.

Had the 2018 The Figure while in Napa this past September and it was quite good. May grab a few more.

It’s certainly a unique approach. Nice people behind the label and I’ve been an early buyer and always enjoyed what I’ve opened. Happily I still have some 2010 and 2012 in my cellar.

Did it say when the 375mL bottles were being released?

No mention of 375s.

I love their wines (was lucky to find them before the 2009 vintage, which still might be their high point). The price is very reasonable for a TRB wine, and the people are incredible. They even put on a tasting in Fort Worth of all places (nobody comes to Fort Worth). I have purchased many TRB wines and have been culling my orders of late, but Hobel is still on my list.

Probably because I never heard of them? [scratch.gif]

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Well, Cameron’s last name IS Hobel. newhere

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TRB. 98 AG. I’m in for 6 2019 The Figure.

I met with them for their first or second vintage then they disappeared off my radar.

One of several wines I’ve purchased from their 1st release and never disappointed. Purchased, but haven’t tried the 19’s.

Me as well, but I shall correct my error!

I have purchased Hobel cabs here and there over the past few years. Just 2 or 3 per offering.
Earliest purchase was their initial release of the 2009 Engelhard Vineyard Napa Cabernet.
I particularly have enjoyed “The Grain” which is from the Ciminelli Vineyard in Calistoga. (FWIW - The 2016 The Grain was one of my four WOTY for 2021 - and opened up some eyes when I shared it with friends over the Thanksgiving weekend.)

“The Figure” comes from the Pozzan Vineyard in Calistoga, on the northwest slope of Diamond Mountain in Calistoga. I have a few but have not yet opened one.
The ones I have opened (The Grain, Arris (Sodhani Vineyard), and Engelhard Vineyard) have been quite enjoyable. While they tend to be expressive and big shouldered, they have sufficient acidity to retain elegance and show depth and nuance. These are not blueberry chocolate milk shakes.
Price includes shipping, so in the world of high quality Napa Cabs made by a respected winemaker - they can be considered good value for what is in the bottle.
Nice packaging too.


He’s a good dude, too!

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Good source for Champagne!