History of Williams Selyem 1979-1997 Part Three

History of Williams Selyem 1979-1997 Part Three

Here`s some more excerpts from a Williams Selyem mailer dated Fall, August 1994 offering helpful hints:.

“Reminder regarding your wine: Our wine unfiltered, usually unfined, has never been pumped and may throw a little sediment. Sometimes during delivery to you they get a little air sick or truck sick and are better company with at least of week`s rest.

Ever drop a favourite bottle of wine in your cellar? Try kicking with the side of your foot on the way down, break gravity`s momentum, it works most of the time.

The extra glue in the flutes of our cardboard boxes resist moisture absorption and keep the box m such stronger if it gets wet then dries, helps on April and November shipments to much of the US.

There are mildly and corked wines in this industry. A mildly corked wine`s only symptoms may be an obvious reduction in fruit over the last time you had it.

Can`t consume a bottle of our wine in a day? Cork it up and taste it the next day. Still good but different and even better almost always.

Let older wines stand up for a few days before opening. Stirred sediment seems to rob fruit and add a little sharpness to your investment.

High bottle fills like ours are designed to fight ullage if you are storing the wine for years. The potential problem to this strategy is when you expose this bottle to heat. The smaller space permits expansion for a smaller time before wine pushes past the cork and stains the top of the cork under the seal. This does not men the wine is bad, but the heat may reduce the number of years until maturity.

If your case of wine from anyone has any corks soaked all the way through, get them recorked or drink them.

Have you had wine with a fruit flavour as if it is “sweet” even if the wine is “chemically tested” dry? How about a wine that has a “cholesterol mouth feeling” filling all of the tiny pockets in your mouth with a feeling that you are eating something good for you? Thats drinking with enjoyment and isnt the pleasure what it`s all about?

Among the great correspondence we receive from you was one asking us to hurry our next release because they had missed the last one and their friends have stopped coming over.”



I mastered this technique in my retail days. :stuck_out_tongue:

and I`m still getting a kick out of checking out my reflexes