Hirsch East Ridge Library Release

Looks like Hirsch is releasing a library of East Ridge (what they sold to Williams Selyem) wines back to 2009. I’ve had the Williams Selyem Hirsch wines before, but never Hirsch’s own. Pretty steep price points for the older vintages (up to $175/bottle). Has anybody had these before and can comment?

What information are you looking for specifically and what vintages of the WS Hirsch have you experienced previously? Both producers styles have shifted over time so its important to know if your reference point for the WS expression of Hirsch is 1995 or 2015.

I’ve tasted from 2010 onwards for the WS Hirsch. Looking for style as well as opinions as to whether or not they’re different enough to justify purchasing if I already have the WS Hirsch in my cellar already.