High Mosel Bridge --- what's the status?

I assume this project is still going forward, no?

Still progressing. They are having trouble finding stable ground to place the poles on that hold up the bridge. The ground is in motion so for such a high bridge this has major consequences at the top of the poles as a small movement at the bottom gets larger towards the top. This has been a polarizing topic for those who love this region, but once the bridge is finished and people realize that the new road ends in a small village and does not connect to a major road I think people will see why there has been such protest against it.

Hi everyone. I manage Ernie’s US import company, and I thought I’d chime in on a few of these. To see what’s happening with the bridge, you can visit this web site http://www.b50neu.de/e/index.html. This the site of the Pro-Mosel group that is protesting the bridge project. Go to the Photos link for some before (“vorher”) and after (“nachher)” photos of what the bridge will look like.

There’s an aerial shot that shows you how the highway will run along the top of the forested ridge above the long stretch of top-rated vineyards from Zeltingen to Bernkastel. The long-term effects on the vineyards’ water supply from the forest removal, as well as run-off from the highway, are unknown. But there will certainly be some effect and we worry that it will be 10 or 20 years later before we see the real problems start to develop. With the warming climate, maintaining water supply is going to be extremely important.

Really a shame on so many levels