Hi-Time Wine Cellars - Grower Champagne Bubble Blast!

Congrats Todd and Berserkers everywhere!

In honor of this special day, Hi-Time Wine Cellars will offer 10% off all Grower Champagne, and other producers Except for the Grande Marques. Limited to items in stock, and online orders only. This sale will be extended to Tuesday, Jan. 28th.

Order online at http://www.hitimewine.net and in the comment field type “Berserker Day Discount.” You won’t see the discount when you place your order, but we will readjust your bill 10% off.

Any questions, please contact me at veronica@hitimewine.net

We house over 100 Grower Champagne producers under one roof, so cheers and happy hunting!!

If they have the Eric Isselee available, I HIGHLY recommend it. Destroyed all others in our Grower Champagne blind tasting

Anyway to get a ‘list’ of the growers champers available?
Looking at a website i have no idea which one is ‘grower’ and which isn’t…


Hi Mark!
I do have that list written down … somewhere. :slight_smile:
In the interest of time, let’s widen the sale to include other Champagne producers who may not be grower but still give us some top-notch bubbles.

The sale is now good for all Champagne Except the Grande Marques (Veuve Clicquot, Moët & Chandon, Roederer, Krug , Dom Perignon, etc.).

Go get 'em!

Even without the discount, the prices on the Champagnes are pretty low. I’m in for some Bereche - yum! champagne.gif

Ok if someone was to recommend say 3-5 producers… what would they be? not much of a bubbly drinker hoping to expand horizon here. but man a list of 280 is hard to sift through :slight_smile:

wow, how did I not know about this store before? Great selection. Totally would have stopped there last month when I was in San Diego.


Claffee can certainly give good suggestions. He’s been kind enough to show those of us at Domaine what he’s taking to dinner and not sharing with the group. champagne.gif

HiTime will not steer you wrong, most of the stuff they recommend is pretty solid…
Veronica have you tried that Ivernel that was in the email the other day?

Hi Jesse ,

The Ivernel is good stuff. It is made by Gosset and very similar to their Brut Excellence, except it’s more minerally and I got notes of orange blossoms on the nose, whereas Gosset is more toasty. We tried these side by side to compare them. I liked it and bought a case for it to be my “House Champagne”.

I thought you sold out of the Invernel no?

We should still have some more.

Mark, try the Pierre Peters NV, Agrapart Terriors, Guy Larmandier NV, 2005 Andre Robert Blanc de Blancs (05’s are showing well), any of the Bereche Champagnes, and if you want something more on the toastier side, try the Le Mesnil (not grower, but quite tasty) at $37.


These are all good suggestions. I went for the Bereche Beaux Regards ('08 base), but I also had my eye on the Pierre Peters L’Esprit '08 and the Chartogne-Taillet Heurtebise ('08 base). These are all vintage, or primarily based on a certain vintage, but I think they’re worth the extra $15-20 over the NV bubbles. Any of the Vilmarts would be a good introduction to farmer fizz, too.

Thanks for the kind words , Scott!! :slight_smile:

Ordered two cases of champagne from Hi-Time just a few weeks ago (Aubry, Lallement, and Lassaigne), but it appears I need to place another sizable order. :wink:


Order in for a case!

Put in the comment field as requested but i think my Amex is still pending the full amount. i’m guessing that gets adjusted later?

Thanks Veronica!

Woohoo nice offer V!