Hi-Time Wine Cellars' Berserker Day 10% Sale!

Happy Berserker Day!

Thanks Todd for letting us participate in Berserker Day! This sale will be offered online, and will be for 10% off Wine, Sake, Beer, Spirits, Food and Accessories. In-stock items only. Excluded in this sale are Gift Cards, Futures, Shipping & Insurance, and items that are already on Monthly Special (see our home page for our Monthly Specials tab to see those items). www.hitimewine.net

You can choose to pick up your items at our store in Costa Mesa California, or we can ship to you.
Shipping within California is $12.99 flat rate for up to a case (12 750ml btls), and more in other states according to your zone.

Visit us at: https://www.hitimewine.net/

This is an online sale only. Your Coupon Code for checkout is: TODDRULES2020

Please call us for your State and for any shipping restrictions.

You can email me at work if you have any questions: veronica@hitimewine.net


Veronica Castro
Hi-Time Wine Cellars

wait wha? u can’t ship to Washington? how come? just about every Cali shop can ship to WA no? :frowning:

Purchased spirits from them sometime in the last couple of years with shipping to WA. Too bad if this can no longer be a source for us in WA. Great selection and prices.

Thank you for the note! We wish we could ship there, but current technicalities are not making it permissible for us to ship to Washington State. We can, however ship to Oregon if you have a friend or relative there. Hopefully this will be resolved in the future. Thank you so much and have a great day!!

Hi everyone! Thanks for having us participate in Berserker Day and hope you are enjoying it!
A quick reminder that: This sale is online only.
Also, this sale excludes items on “Monthly Specials”, (which includes Krug Champagne) which is already on sale for the month. So, to reiterate, Krug is not included in the Berserker sale . Sorry if this has caused any confusion. If you visit our website, www.hitimewine.net and scroll down to the Monthly Specials tab, you should be able to take a look at what’s on special.

Thanks so much!! Hope you are all having fun!!

Hi Veronica;

Is there a way to filter for 375s? Typing 375 in search didn’t seem to work.

Hi Barry!!!
If you type in 375ml in the Search Bar, that should work.
If you want to be more specific, you can type in 375ml and the type of wine or grape. For example, : 375ml Cabernet or 375ml Champagne
But let me know if you are looking for anything in particular. Thank you!

would have bought Krug 168 but was sold out.

Thanks V!!!

In store pickup makes this easy for me.

Got some attractive pricing on:

2012 Paul Bara Brut
2010 Prado Enea
2010 LRA Gran Reserva 904
Rare Wine Co Boston Bual Madeira

Sorry Alan! Krug was on our Monthly Specials and therefore not part of the sale. Apologize to any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

Thanks for your support, Cris!

Thanks for all your support yesterday!! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at: veronica@hitimewine.net or 1-800-331-3005.

Cheers all!

I bought the 2012 paul bara
2014 Villmart
Geoffroy Saignee
great deals on wines that you can rarely get deals on.

Thanks. How about 20% off next year??? [flirtysmile.gif]

First time doing business with Hi-Time - Veronica was so helpful when I had website issues and took care of the BD offer discount. Shipping in a couple of weeks.

It was good speaking with you, Jeff. Thanks so much for your order!! Cheers,

I made 3 purchases from Hi-Time recently, wines are all in great conditional. I will wait the next Berserker day. :slight_smile:

Maybe something will show up for Black Friday :slight_smile:

Anyone clarify why they don’t ship to WA state?
Seems odd as every other CA retailer I know could…

Different states have different laws that determine which wines can be shipped to that state. Most are ridiculous, but shippers have to abide by them. I am in Texas and there are many great wines that cannot be shipped here. If you are near the state border, ship to the neighboring state and pick them up there.