Hey Joe - Where'd you go with that fruit in your hand? Part II.

I was reading on another thread about all the older Arcadian Pisonis, and I decided to have a look in the cellar. There it was: a 2001 Pisoni looking right at me. I pulled it, thinking it would be perfect with my lightly Moroccan spiced veal stew, which I make several times per year, and have since Gourmet Magazine published the recipe in their December 1991 issue. It was already in the oven.

I Ah-So’d the bottle, took a sip, and declared it perfect for my meal! Except then I noticed I had actually pulled a 2001 Sleepy Hollow Pinot. No problem!

This wine is glorious - if you have access to it, pull the cork! Deep wild strawberry, light spice, woodsy notes of cedar and pine. No alcohol or oak sticking out - just full integration. Gorgeous mouthfeel and finish.

Perfect in my Zalto Universal, Van Morrison playing “Magic Time” on my CD player, and a fireplace fire.

Did I mention I wish I had made this?


The 2001 Arcadian Pisoni was one of the best Pinot’s I have ever had…

Merril - I think I have one of these left - a tremendous wine.

I have a few bottles of the 2007 Sleepy Hollow pinot…will hold…will not drink…repeat as necessary

A few months ago I was lucky enough to enjoy a stupendous bottle of the 01 Sleepy — definitely the best bottle I’ve had to date … gut: mid 90’s, if you must.

Now I have to inspect my Arcadian inventory to see if I do indeed have 2001 Pisoni!

Edit: I do have a 2001 Pisoni - I guess I just grabbed the wrong one. Looks like there are 2000, 2003, 2005 Pisonis in there, too! Some La Encantadas and Sleepy Hollows, too!

Nice note, Merrill. The '01 Sleepy Hollow and '01 Pisoni are benchmark wines for me. I’ve been fortunate to have had both numerous times over the years and I really don’t think California gets much better. Joe does really great work here.
Oh, and I meet steal your thread title if I post a note as I have an '01 Arcadian Gary’s Syrah Bob Fleming Cuvvee on tap for tonight [cheers.gif]

This is just fantastic thank you Merrill for once again spotlighting my wines I am grateful and deeply appreciative of the highest compliment that could be paid.

Steal away…

I going down to squeeze my old lady.

Caught her messin around with another wine.

champagne.gif [cheers.gif]