Hey Houston Siduri & Novy Fans! Wednesday June 9th 2010

I got this email from Adam

Hey Houston Siduri & Novy Fans!

I am coming back into town on Wednesday, June 9th and doing what should
be an incredible Winemaker’s Dinner at Hugo’s Restaurant. I’ve been
allowed a sneak preview of the menu and see things like “Duck Leg
Roasted in Own Fat Served over Huitlacoche” and “Lamb Chop and Mole
Coloradito.” To compliment the incredible food I am shipping in several
of our newest releases to showcase with the meal – including the new
Blanc de Pinot Noir and our new Oley Dessert Wine. Plus I always have a
few surprises in store for the evening. Here are the particulars:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 7pm Hugo’s Restaurant 1600
Westheimer Road $110 per person Call 713-302-9087 for

I hope to see you all there!


Adam Lee
Siduri Wines & Novy Family Winery

I have a group of 5 guys going any other Berserkers going to make this?

you’d be likely to get a better response if you changed the date in the title from November 9 to June 9!

Ah wish I could go but I won’t be in town. Enjoy.

I will be there. Made my reservation today.

And maybe post in Offline Planner since it’s a Wine Dinner.

Welcome to WB nonetheless BJ!

Yup all booked up and ready to go on this one. Menu looks fabulous. Hugo’s food pairs extremely well with Adam’s wines.