Here Are A Few Of My Favorite (Italian) Things....

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I’m a big fan of Italian wines (though not a great deal of interest in the old warhorses: Barolo/Barbaresco and Chianti). There are so many grape varieties and new regions to explore that I doubt I’ll ever tire of them. I read a number of blogs on Italian wines that I particularly like. These are three of my favorites:

  1. Alfonso Cevola: On The Wine Trail In Italy
    One of the most informative and readable blogs on Italian wines.

  2. John Fodera: TuscanVines
    Likewise…though does contain some on Calif wines as well.

  3. MarcieNewhouse: EnotecaMarcella
    Marcella joined our NEB group a few months ago and I had the opportunity to meet her the other week out in Paso at NEB4. Very bright and knowledgeable I thought. Her particular passion is Piemontese wines.

Inasmuch as I have no life, are there others I should be checking in/wasting time on??

Jeremy Parzen’s Do Bianchi:

I love both Do Bianchi and Alfonso but give a slight edge to Alfonso for being a bit less academic and writing from his soul quite often.

Love those sites. Also…

Tom’s Wine Line (Tom Maresca) - mostly Italian

Though even less exclusively Italian, Levi Dalton’s “So You Want to be a Somm” site often has some really wonderful Italian content with nicely composed photos and well-written prose (yes, even quite soulful). Lots of good stuff from a Piedmont trip back around Sept-2012, including:
Restaurants in Piedmont:
A Return to Bartolo Mascarello:

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I second Do Bianchi.