Help with an insane (mostly Spanish) list

I hate-hate-hate buying off the list, but unless I can convince the place to waive their no-BYO-on-Friday-nights policy, it looks like I’ll need to do so. It is kind of a fun list to look through.

My ignorance of Spanish wines is haunting me. Anything look like a special opportunity? Thing cheap, and assume we will be eating paella or other well-seasoned seafood.

Damn, thats a hard list. Like nothing lower than 3x retail. No value wines from even La Mancha. Maybe the red from Extremadura or one of the whites from Mallorca? Just cause you never see those?

Hence my desire to BYO. It is an anniversary dinner, and I have a special bottle I’d like to bring. I am willing to pay what (on weekdays) is a much-higher-than-normal-for-DC corkage. But I am not sure how far I’ll get.

The Envinate Parcela wines are relatively affordable, given their general scarcity. That’s what I’d be buying, at least. One tough list, for sure.

If your special bottle is a red, my first thought would be a nicer Galician white or the Godello. The white Riojas are a bit more barrel-y, unless you spend up and get some with age, which can be fascinating if you’re into that. The white Peiorats are like white CNDP, and can be a bit high octane. None of the ones are what I would call a ‘deal’, but the list is slanted towards giving more up to the Spanish wines than the French or domestic. The closest thing to a ‘deal’ would be in the Spanish Roses.

I like the Cvne vina real or imperial.

Yikes - didn’t see a reasonably priced wine in the whole lot -

Too many good wines to name one individually. You could throw a dart at that list and find something really nice. But at the prices listed, bring your wallet - they are not cheep. Good thing you have a professional salary!

Raúl Perez, Ultreia La Claudina, godello 2015

If your going to pay anyway, might as well go for this. Not easy to find, will go with most likely dishes, and if lucky could be something special.

Edit: I just checked wine searcher and its more available than I expected. So disregard.

Krug btg @65 seems decent not sure why it’s then 450 a bottle. Should be 110/glass following the other btg pricing. I’d probably do that and then drink Rose or txakolina if the food needs an acid leaning wine.

A wine I actually want to try but have no experience with is the St Theodoric le grand pin 2015. “Only” 2x retail and praised for its old school 60’s cdp Pinot like nature by JLL. (Gave 6 stars which is pretty rare and his top rating). His praise seems due to its purity non-modern cuvée approach. Jeb giving it only 94 could confirm its lack of alcohol/concentration. But he does say say it’s the closest thing to Rayas. Probably not the occasion you want to experiment with a bottle of cdp, but maybe someone else has tried the wine…

Honestly, go with cocktails. It’s an excellent list, but the prices are dreadful

It’s a very nice list in terms of selections, but the markups are vicious. If it were me, given my strong reluctance to spend more than $100 on a restaurant wine list, I’d look at the Donnhoff Kabinett for a white and the Valenciso Rioja for a red. Both are excellent wines, and aren’t as overpriced in terms of dollars (rather than percentage), as most of the rest of the list.

The Ameztoi Rubentis would make a good opener, and is a much lower mark-up than most of the wines. (many are 4X retail).

Strangely, the Patricia Green Balcombe is also marked up less percentage-wise than most. It doesn’t go with Paella, though.

All helpful suggestions so thank you.

The special anniversary-connected bottle is a Jacquesson Terres Rouges Rosé we bought in champagne on our anniversary a decade ago. Redder and more robust than your average rose. It would be perfect if we can do that.

Does anyone recognize any of the rosados listed?

Both the Txakoli (sp) are very solid, dry and Provence like fruits with a touch of savory meatiness. The Muga is quite restrained as well.

Thanks Matthew. Is the Muga dry (really dry)? Semi-sweet won’t get me to my next anniversary

The Clos Cibonne is better than most, and the Domaines Ott, though excellent, isn’t worth the extra cost.

I’m not a fan of most Spanish rosados. They tend to be heavy and alcoholic.

The Rubentis I mentioned is technically a rosado, but is spritzy and refreshing.

Very very helpful advice, everyone. Seriously, I appreciate it


The Paul Perez is a lovely wine, as Brian said, though you know it’s overpriced. Muradella is also an excellent bottle with the same caveat.

Honestly, I’d probably get a 500mL of Hidalgo La Gitana Manzanilla for $60. That’s going to be great with anything seafood, and killer with fried things.