Help with a wine list

Agreed I’d just pay corkage.

That said if for some reason that wasn’t In the plans I’d go with the Ar.Pe.Pe. Buon Consiglio. Excellent wine, decent value (on this list), and should be right up the alley of a burg lover.

This wine is absolutely killer. The prices are terrible, but if you had to choose, this is what I would drink. It’s a pretty unusual wine that they only made once AFAIK.

Couly-Dutheil, Clos de l’Olive, Chinon, Loire, 1989 225

Not as great of a deal, but I’d also look into the Champet Vialliere or Chevillon Vaucrains (though this one would be tough to swallow)

Having just had the 2012 cirq treehouse last weekend, it is in a fantastic spot right now, but no way in hell would I pay $850. $100 seems like a tough pill to swallow but I think it makes sense with these markups. Or take the 2019 Mascot for $38 /s

This list is an insult. It’d be corkage or beers for me.

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agree with the rest, the list is insulting - so much so that I’d have a tough time even with the corkage option, rather give them the finger.

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I can see and understand some of the comments about the list being insulting but let me offer a different quick point of view. Some of us have been fortunate and enjoy relationships with restaurants and have found great settings to bring bottles and in some cases, not all but some avoid corkage or have quite a discount applied to what we bring. There is that side of this too and I just wanted to reinforce that given what’s been posted here.

Looking at that list and seeing what those prices are, I personally wouldn’t pay $100 for corkage nor would I buy anything off that list but there may not be a choice in some of these situations.

Ouch… Least expensive bottle is $120 for a 375ml. Might as well take the L and pay the $100 corkage or just dine somewhere else…

True, but then the $100 corkage is negligible. Bring your own DRC and save a couple of grand min.

Stupid prices. I’d go somewhere else, or if pressed pay the corkage.

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Unless I missed it, the establishment has not been named.

Thanks everyone. Leaning toward corkage but have a few options I hadn’t considered if we don’t go that way. The food should be excellent, by all accounts.

I have not named the establishment because their list is not online, I had to ask them to email it to me.

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Oh, fair enough. I understand their reticence

Oh, and I guess if the food is out of this world at bargain prices then you can just focus on the total cost, and thus justify going further into list. Though it’s hard to see food pricing taking you very far into this list.

Pay the corkage or drink cockails.


I think it’s strange (even though I have the self-awareness to realize this) that I scoff at paying $20 for a nice cocktail - but have no problem paying $100 for a bottle of wine. However, I would have no problem at all paying $20 for a cocktail if the alternative is basically $100 for a glass of wine. (Unless that wine were something other-worldly - which it sounds like this wine list is not.) This is coming from a guy that know s nothing about French wine, but I do know about money. :slight_smile:

$1300 for Lafarge Clos des Chênes! :rofl:

I would pay the corkage.